We all have once been in the phase of reading fiction books one after another, here we have got a list of handpicked fiction books by Indian authors that you an read to get back into that reading habit.

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It must’ve been something he wrote

Author: Nikita Deshpande

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There are some books which become your happy & comfort place, like as Ruta says in this one-“emergency floatation device”. This one is a world of books & story of a girl who legit lives by them- in a book. Perfect right? A cozy read as you fall in love with its awwdorable characters & their story and wish it never ends.

Paper Moon

Author: Rehana Munir

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Books. Bombay. Romance. This beautiful read by the exemplary columnist Rehana Munir is a tale of a girl Fiza who opens her own bookstore cuz it was her father’s last wish.

And thus begins her journey to find purpose, make amends with her mom, romantic run-ins in London, wacky New Year Eves and a family secret.

Those Pricey Thakur Girls

Author: Anuja Chauhan

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5 sisters with their own quirks. The Thakur family with a wacky history famous all around Delhi’s Hailey Road. A house that binds them together. The aftermath of ’84 riots, that changes Debjani, the 4th born’s, love-life. Its like Jane Austen set in the late 80s of Dilli’s wintery lanes.

Cute romance, crazy antics, nostalgia that will hit home and leave you in awe of the Thakur girls. Anuja Chauhan writing is like a homely feeling in this one, the perfect read for a warm, sunny day.

The Twentieth Wife

Author: Indu Sindaresan

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A stellar retelling of Mughal history with the brimming romance of Jahangir & his 20th wife Nur Jahan in the focus. The backdrop of the vast Mughal kingdom, war among the palaces in the fort, a lovestory which broke stereotypes and a girl who became the most powerful woman of the kingdom- even behind a veil.

This one flows like poetry as Sundaresan’s brilliant writing captures the true essence with a fictional twist of the glorious past.

The Immortals of Meluha

Author: Amish

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A intricate telling of how a common man Shiva gets transformed to a Mahadev because of his good deeds.

The fictional retelling we didn’t know we needed but Amish’s amazing writing will have you hooked through & through. It has two sequels too, which are just as amazing!!!

The Palace of Illusions

Author: Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

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The Mahabharata but from Draupadi’s point of view? Chitra Banerjee’s bestselling novel is a brilliant rendition of the iconic mythological story we all grew up hearing about

How a woman sees such a vast kingdom for which brothers are at war, which maybe she instigated? How she unravels secrets of those close as well as enemies.



Author: Anuja Chauhan

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For the everyone who loves the glory of the IAF & planes etc., this one is a beautiful telling of a fictional story set amongst the formation of Bangladesh in 1971.

A grey-eyed pilot ready to give up life for nation, a journalist he falls in love with- who preaches humanity- and a conspiracy no one knows about. This story of entwined lives facing a national war by Anuja Chauhan will keep you hooked through & through.


Pyajamas are Forgiving

Author: Twinkle Khanna

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Twinkle Khanna has a way of taking on social issues & breaking societal norms through her comical writings and this novel is a crazy rollercoaster of emotions yet learning.

How Anshu a sleep-deprived woman stumbles upon weird characters in a ashram in Kerala, as she also runs in with her ex-husband there *drama intensifies*

Nobody can love you more

Author: Mayan Austen Soofi

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A writer’s love for a specific house in the red light district of Delhi and the stories that reside in the hearts of its residents find their way in this heartwarming novel.

Raw human emotions, never heard before stories, the mystic lanes of Old Delhi & a home whose quirky characters will have your heart!!

Get reading 🙂