Winters are creeping in and snuggled up in blanket with a cup of garma-garam coffee, here’s your fiction-read list for those cozy afternoons.

The Murder House

coverpage of the book 'The murder house'

If you’re new to the mystery/ thriller genre in books, this book is the best place to start. It follows a detective trying to escape her past and restart her career. The case she lands turns out to be more deadly than she could ever imagine.

Full of twists & turns, this chilling story of murder, money and revenge is a total page turner.



cover page of the book illuminae

A classic boy-meets-girl, space opera love story that takes place in the year 2575 where two corporations are at war. What makes this book really interesting is its unique format. Told through a collection of hacked documents – email, log reports, maps, files, medical reports, interviews, this book is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Must-read!


The Saturday Night Ghost Club

coverpage of the book the saturday night ghost club

A group of middle school kids who spend their summer vacation investigating ghost stories and urban legends. It’s a short, bittersweet, coming of age story that celebrates the wonders and horrors of being a kid while also talking about the effect of mental illnesses. Absolutely loved this one!


Anxious People

cover page of the book anxious people

Fredrick Backman’s latest book is comedy about a crime that never took place, a would-be bank robber who disappears into thin air, and eight extremely anxious strangers who find they have more in common than they ever imagined

While it’s a bit slow during the middle, this book is extremely heartwarming and will leave a huge imprint on you by the end.


The Woman Who Went To Bed For A Year

cover page of the book the woman who went to bed for a year

The sleep-loving person that I am, I couldn’t not pick this up after reading the title. And I was pleasantly surprised. It follows a mother who’s tired of the world and domestic life, so when her twins leave for college, she climbs into bed and stays there. Her husband’s not happy and soon, word spreads she gathers a legion of fans. Lovely satirical read


The Woman In Cabin 10


A mystery novel set during the course of a week on a luxury cruise. Clear skies, calm waters and sparkling dinner parties, but something goes horribly wrong. Our protagonist Lo witnesses a woman being thrown overboard. But, everyone on board seems accounted for. This fast paced novel is unpredictable, claustrophobic and will have you on the edge of your seat.


The Lost Causes Of Bleak Creek

cover page of the book The Lost Causes Of Bleak Creek

This book follows two best friends and an amateur filmmaker as they try and uncover the secrets of a shady reformatory school in a small, quiet town. It’s got a slow buildup, but the characters keep you interested throughtout. A great book with a riveting story that people of all ages can read.


Crazy Times With Uncle Ken

cover page of the book Crazy Times With Uncle Ken

A collection of short stories from good ‘ol Ruskin Bond about his eccentric Uncle Ken. From hunting rare animals to getting rid of ghosts, Uncle Ken’s adventures are full of nostalgia and Indian culture. They’ll make you laugh and will have you reminiscing your own childhood memores.

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Ready Player One

cover page of the book ready player one

A lover letter to pop culture. Full of references to 80s music, movies and games, this book follows Wade Watts on his quest to search for an easter egg inside a worldwide virtual reality game. The story is fantastic and you’re gonna have a blast reading this one. Especially if you love video games!

Binge read on this list and if you missed it, catch up the part 1 too- Fiction books you can read to get back into that reading habit!

Happy reading !!