With the recent ban of 118 more Chinese apps by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology claiming to be prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of the country, the youth lost their favoruite game of interest PUBG.

Just 72 hours later, Akshay Kumar took to twitter and along with Bangalore based nCore Games has announced a new game, called FAU-G.

This new multiplayer mid-core game titled as FAU-G stands for Fearless and United: Guards.

Cheers to all the people, who were sad over PUBG getting banned though.

About the game-

  • Number of players required: five teams whose players will be able to collaborate and fight against each other.
  • Basically, FAU-G is based on real scenarios of domestic and foreign threats mainly and they’re encountered by the Indian Security, which is the principle of the game.
  • Based on the information provided in the teaser; it looks like a player vs player multiplayer shooter game.
  • It is presumed that it would be out by the end of October 2020, with it’s first phase which is being set on the backdrop of Galwan Valley.


What is nCore ?

nCore is a mobile games and interactive entertainment company, based out of Bengaluru.

Dayanidhi MG and Vishal Gondal are the founders of nCore and are working successfully since 2018. They claim to match the scale of the popular grandeur of all the global games along with the content to suit the local brand, and to make it way appealing for the youth.

The nCore games CEO (Dayanidhi MG), has made a statement saying, they have tremendous experience in a variety of games, specifically midcore games, meaning, these types of games need a bound work of skill and strategy and also multi number of players, accordingly.

Source: dailyo.in

Conceptualized by Akshay kumar-

  • He mentioned that 20% of the net revenue gained in this game would be donated to ‘Bharat ke veer’, in appreciation to their fearless work.
  • The game is intended to educate the youngsters on the sacrifices of the soldiers, besides the entertainment.
  • Eventually, this was conceptualized by him and is implemented by the Ministry of Home Affairs, which being in support of India’s armed forces martyrs.
  • This game also works on to support PM Modi’s vision of Atma Nirbhar, as the game induces a lot of demise.
  • Saying this game would also be a major alternative to PUBG in a desi style.


But the twitteraties feel otherwise.


Just like we adapt to the new normal, we gotta adapt to this one , * seh lenge thoda * as it will be easily available on the Google play store and the Apple app store.