We often crack jokes or have made numerous stereotypes for introverts, but extroverts are also not left behind and are subjected to same kinda stereotyping. Here are some things that extroverts are kind of tired of hearing now.

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  • Dekho ji, extroverts are not equal to having superhuman energy joh time, space, quantum ko defy karde. Toh yeh “tum kese thak gaye???” ekdum hi pe – hai because hey, surprise, we’re human and we too need time to recharge, ok?

*sips on Glucon-D* 


  • Everybody is entitled to their own moments of self-doubt and insecurities and ji haan, we extroverts also have our days, just like any other human.  This “Ahhh, how I wish I were an extrovert. I would be confident all the time” is a myth. Sun rahe ho? MYTH.


  • “Extroverts are so superficial, immature and annoying.” Ok, about the annoying part. True. But about the superficial and immature part, listen yaar, everyone has their way of energising their souls. We do so by being around people, but that doesn’t mean we are incapable of depth, of pain and of hardships.


  • That doesn’t mean we don’t take lessons as they come and don’t make life-changing decisions. Mature hone ke liye CEO at “main super serious and quiet hu” hona zaroori nahi hai. Everyone has their ways. Let’s respect them.


  • “Extroverts are out-going. Isiliye toh unki love-life itni chill hai. They don’t take time to move on.” Dil tootne pe sabko dard hota hai, laxman. Ek do baar bahar jaane se woh theek nahi ho jaata. Geoplesay to extrovert hit people peop And rahi baat out-going ki, toh no. I mean, not ALL of us are like that. We also get shy feel butterflies creating a havoc in our stomachs so, yes, mehnat toh lagti hai crush ko approach karne mei, chahe extrovert, ambivert ya introvert. 🙂


  • “Chill, you’re an extrovert. You’ll get over it.” Bhai yaar. Main bas ek cheez kehna chahungi. HUMEIN BHI DIL SE BURA LAGTA HAI. HUM BHI SAD HOTE HAI. HUMEIN BHI HOPELESS, SPIRALLY, AND KAAFI LOST FEEL HOTA HAI. Let’s not forget: Our preference of social interaction is not related to our intensity of emotions. These are two VERY different things. So ji, pls, check in kar liya kariye every once in a while because extroversion is no reason to undermine someone’s Mental Health.


  • “Tumhe toh akele rehne mei ajeeb lagta hoga Imao. Social butterfly hahaha” See, every human on this planet needs solitude to survive. They need a perfect mix and so do we. Yeh stereotype that extroverts can’t and don’t want alone-time is genericX100.Sun lo, “thoda gam hai sabka kissa, thoda alone-time hai sabka hissa”.


  • “Tu extrovert hai yaar. Ja ja, baat kar” Arre, arre, arryyyy. Bhai. Yeh ice-breaking session hum hi kyun conduct kare yaar? Matlab, I know it’s pretty obvious that you’d feel that we’ll enjoy doing it but NO.  We also get nervous meeting people and our palms also sweat so pls, koi pehle humara ice-breaking session conduct karo. Hehe.


  • “Inn extroverts ke paas koi filter hi nahi hota hai, kuch bhi kissi ko bhi bol dete hai.” Arre, matlab, sorry if we ever offended you when we were direct with you, but that’s an individualistic trait rather than an extroversion trait. Matlab, yes we like to think out loud, but we know when to speak what. Aese guilty mat feel karao yaar.


  • “The extroverts are never lonely yaar.” That’s untrue. Being around people doesn’t define the loneliness one is going through. Sabko lagta hai humare paas 100000 dost hai and hum 24×7 party karte hai but nahi. It’s as common for us to ball up in our beds “kyun ki akela lag raha hai” as it is for you.


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This is human nature; and we’re humans too. Ok, ab main apne 100000 doston mei se 1 dost se baat karne jaa rahi hu. Jk. Voh busy hai.