We often kind of go overboard with finding different ways of showing affection but some small low efforts things that are right in front of us can just do the right thing and here are some different ways of expressing love to your humans.

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Buy them food

This has to come first and foremost because there is literally no better gift than the gift of food. Especially comfort food. Having favorite food delivered at your doorstep can make anyone smile in 0.000009 seconds. Food is the new love language.

Memes important hai babu Bhaiya.

What is the easiest way to send love? Send memes. Life itni busy hojati hai ki logo ke liye time hi nahi rehta, this is the most minimal yet cool thing you can do for someone. It will make them smile/ laugh/cry or all at once.

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Kabhi kabhi randomly just tag them in a story or write a random text for them. Tell them you are the French to my fries, the elaichi to my chai. Wagerah wagerah. Just shower them w affection, because aise hi pyaar lag raha tha.

Just please keep reminding them how much you value their stupid existence in multiple ways kyuki this world is a really scary place and people tend to forget how precious they are:)

“Here’s a song I think you’ll like.”

I mean what is better than a notification that says “Hey here is a song I think you’ll like.” Okay wait, you thought of meeeee? You thought I will like this!? That is the sweetest thing ever!

And even better way is to send them a bad karaoke version of you singing their favorite song. Their ears will probably bleed but their heart will be so full. If someone does this to me, i’ll cry :'(

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Pay attention

Pay attention to the people you care about. It doesn’t have to be just listening to what they say, it can be anything, like notice the way they like their maggi or the kind of memes that cheers them up or simply the things they say they want but always stay in their cart.

You know what happens next? After a few months when they talk about the same thing or they tell you their favorite color again. Voila! you will already know it. And it will make them SO HAPPY. And that in turn will make you happy. It’s all connected.

Do things with them!

Doing things that both of you like together is a different kind of vibe. Say movie marathon every friday night? Also, Remind them that you do this ‘thing’ with them not because you don’t have anyone to do this thing’ with, but because ‘you like doing this thing with them’. (Kinda sounds like a tongue twister but okay lol)

Remember when Aditi said, “ham sara time sath rehte the kyuki hame sath rehna acha lagta tha, ye koi formality ya obligation nahi hai.” Bas that’s it. Make your person feel like a priority and not formality.

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Keep them in loop!

Materialistic things can sure make anyone happy but making time for someone is top tier. Make them feel important and keep them involved in your life.

Tell them about the deal you cracked with a client today, it will make absolutely no sense to them but the fact that you treat them as your go to person will make them super happy.

Help them without making them feel obligated.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. If you help someone but cannot stop bragging about how you helped them, that help means nothing and you’re a trash friend. If you are helping them, make sure you do it from your comfort zone, if what they’re asking is out of your comfort zone, please just say no instead of taunting them later. Helping someone selflessly is one of the bestest ways of expressing love.

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Respect their opinions

Every other thing make no sense if you don’t respect their opinions. You don’t have to agree to them or even try and understand their opinions, just have the decency to respect their opinions. You don’t like Pokemon, okay cool, let them watch Pokemon.

Just keep in mind these low efforts things and remember to check up on your humans !!