More than 20 years of Euphoria ruling our hearts with their sensational words, exquisite compositions and renditions of love and hope; the OG pop-band just released another banger.

Led by Dr. Palash Sen, Euphoria recently released ‘Ladaaii’ and it has all the motivation, josh and hope we had been missing from our life. 



Ladaaii voices out the ongoing fight of humanity with all the day to day things with the lyrics that directly hit home composed in beats that dig out the long lost hope and josh in you.

Palash Sen’s voice makes the song feel all the more personal and takes us back to the roots and makes us look for the reasons why we started anything in the first place. The hustle to find answers for a better tomorrow keeps going on. 


in frame a still from Euphoria new song ladaaii and Palash Sen singing.


Battling with this pandemic has not been easy for anyone, from millions losing their lives to millions losing their jobs, it has been tough for everyone around.

And to add on to the glory of this song Amitabh Bachchan shared the song on twitter dedicating it to all the singers facing problems in this pandemic.


When the frontline warriors battle it out on the field, sitting at our homes, artists have been the only ones who got us through this phase of dejection. And this Ladaaii also goes in support of #Indiaforindie that goes out to all the singers who fight everyday to give their art the right space. So this thoughtful song also aims to bring in light this initiative taken by Palash Sen and you can find more details about it on IndiaForIndie. 


Hailed over social media, looks like the song also got the loving affirmations from twitteratis.


Not a surprise that the song is loved by all, Euphoria never fails to spread its charm. GTG listen to this song on repeat and find the right space to channel this ladaaii