Due to the ongoing pandemic, Emmys 2020 (the 72nd edition) awards that is held every year for honoring the best in television programming, was conducted virtually and If there’s one word that makes everyone roll their eyes for real then it’s the word ‘virtual’. But hey, despite all the barriers the Emmys sparked the same level of fun and entertainment.

in image scene from the virtual hosting of emmy 2020
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With all the virtual quizzes, virtual film festivals, virtual stag and hen parties, the ceremony was a lot more successful than what was expected and here are some of the key highlights from the grandeur last night

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Schitt’s Creek won 9 Emmys

On a scale of so many awards, Schitt’s Creek took home 9 which included four for creator and star Daniel Levy, known as the son of a comedian.

in image actors from schitt's creek giving their winning speech at emmys 2020
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Well, anybody watching the first hour of the Emmys would have wondered why the ceremony hadn’t been renamed The Schitt’s Creek Award show because it looked like 2020 was made for them. While most of the critics also agreed that they’re worth winning as it proves the power of comfort TV in terrible times. Added to that O’Hara also stated that as she’s 66y/o she will be forever grateful to everybody for considering giving her a role to play even at this age.

It mainly swept up in all the acting categories:

Best comedy actor- Eugene Levy

Best comedy actress- Catherine O’Hara

Best supporting actor- Daniel Levy

Best supporting actress- Annie Murphy. 

Finally, to watch Dan Levy’s excitement was adorable as most of the critics said, and it indeed was.

Mini FRIENDS cast reunion

Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow for being the best always never let us down and this moment has been tagged as the ‘best moment’ from the ceremony.

Jimmy was joined by his co-host Jennifer Anniston for this important night but the whole fun part began when she reached her place.

in image Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow from emmys 2020 video call moment as a friends reunion
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Well, it actually began like; Jimmy and Jennifer had a video call, when suddenly Courtney Cox aka Monica joined the conversation and monotonously even Phoebe joined and they all exclaimed to live together. This reunion of these three has left the internet very happy and nostalgic and there are tweets blowing off the internet which justifies the love people have for them while FRIENDS is the MOST liked show.


Zendaya was Euphoric about her win

She is the youngest actor winning an award for the title ‘best drama actress’ and she went all excited about this because she set the bar high for the future as this has never happened in history. Her family’s ecstatic reaction to her win provided one of the most amusing and aweful moments to the night.

in picture moment from when zendaya won emmys 2020 at her home with her family
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Well, she of course deserves this when she worked so hard. Basically, a former Disney Channel star, gazed at her portrayal of drug addict Rue in HBO’s dark high school drama Euphoria, which did not get many awards except for this was bagged by her. This show mainly tackles complex teenager issues and is hugely popular with the younger generation.

She stated that this is a weird time to be celebrating the honors but hopes that the younger generation likes her work.

in picture host of emmys 2020 jimmy kimmel
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Hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, the show was set to be unlike any other  and congratulations to all the winners. Got to go binge on Schitt’s Creek tonight !