For those living under a rock, here’s a little recap of yesterday: Game of thrones finally came back after more than a year, and it became the highest watched GoT episode of all time. Everyone loved the episode but it’s the surprise cameo by Ed Sheeran that became the focal point of debate yesterday.


Ed Sheeran received highly polarizing reactions on Twitter, while some people appreciated the cameo, others thought it was very unsubtle and unnecessary. Long story short, Sheeran got trolled all day by the haters. So much to the point Ed Sheeran decided to delete his Twitter account without any public explanation. He is probably sick of all the hate messages and trolls or maybe he just needs some time off. Meanwhile, he still seems very active on Instagram.


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Ed Sheeran fans are devastated by his Twitter departure and this is how they reacted.






It’s still unclear whether he’s returning for the second episode or not, but let’s hope people go light on him next time.