Myth: “Abhi mehnat kar lo, school ke baad mazein hi mazein hain”

Reality: 68 mental breakdowns, 2 metro injuries, lagging behind on submitting 17 assignments, and 6 cups of coffee keeping you tiredly awake.

If you have just graduated from school, or in India’s case “passed out,” the next and much worse chapter of your story is beginning —college. You were in school with a set schedule and routine. Maybe you took coaching, maybe you were pressurized into taking a stream that you hated (science anyone?), maybe you want to break away from the monotony of rigid school systems.

Tbh college can seem a little intimidating. The whole process of filling out applications and checking cut offs can throw off anyone, but really, going out taking and withdrawing admissions from 7 different colleges in Delhi University North campus in the same day really tests you. You stand in queues in scorching heat with a bazillion documents that are currently more valuable than your life and lose out on the course of your choice in the college of your choice because you didn’t have that extra 0.5%. You get disadvantaged for not having done the course they don’t even offer in schools.

Landed up in a top DU college by a stroke of luck?

If you do land up in Delhi University colleges like Stephens, LSR or SRCC, think you can stand out because of your superior intellect? Too bad, everyone in your class was the topper, the prefect, the headboy, the headgirl, the “Sharma ji ka beti.” Your opinion of school education lowers as the reading material and content of your course increases. You realise you were never taught how to write academic answers. You become… an average scorer.


How do I live away from my parents though?

Look at you moving into a PG, feeling all adult and responsible. You sit in your room with no windows, a lousy maid and a salty roommate.

You run out of money faster than your brain cells in lectures and start walking more to save those 10 bucks. Metro becomes your cheap alternative to gymming. Your social life struggles for air as you crunch in more information for the test the next day. Your PG is just a 5 minute walk to your college? You overestimate your wake-up game and run late to your classes.

Your first year is filled with attending more society meetings than lectures. You owe people more money than you ever had.

But attendance in DU doesn’t matter, right?

Attendance in college is bittersweet because you get marks just for showing up to class and yet, you lose marks for skipping class. Submitting ECAs and medical forms can only help you that much.

. . .

Despite these challenges, college is for most people, the best time of their lives. It trains you to become an actual adult (mostly), and allows you to become a legit member of the society. You come across like-minded people who are just as driven as you are. You interact with the kind of people you’ve never come across before. Oh and you can enter and leave college premises as you please.

College can’t be all that bad, can it?