It’s International Dog Day today and celebrating these little packets of happiness, here are some perks of having a dog in your life.



  • Tumhare paas apna khud ka 24×7 pure entertainment hai lol. You can look at them do literally the most random stupid things like barking at birds, chasing their shadow, sneezing like Noddy, and running around the house when you say “nahayega?”


  • And maybe forget about your life problems for a little while. Honestly, It’s harder to stay upset for long when there’s an adorable creature looking at you with such pure love all the fucking time!


  • They are like your own personal alarm clock. Jisko tum subah snooze bhi nahi kar sakte.


  • They don’t really care about your made up hooman problems like deadlines, crush ne seen kardiya, or whatever. Unko subah ghumne jana hai toh jaana hai. Belly rubs chahiye toh chahiye. Keh diya na bas… keh diya. Even on your sulkiest days, your pet brings you up to routine! 🙂


  • Social game lit hojaata hai. Insta ke liye free content, people are always initiating conversations, attention hi attention milta hai, and when you run out of topics while talking to your crush you can always talk about your pet and send them cute doggo photos.


  • If you ever accidentally break your mom’s favorite glass crockery, you can just blame it on your pet and get away with it:))) Your pet always takes one for the team!


  • They’re literally the best inspiration for your sleep. If you also have trouble dozing off at night, just look at them sleeping itne pyaar se anywhere, tumhe apne aap neend aa jayegi. When I say anywhere. I mean, LITERALLY ANYWHERE. Yaari, kitne pyaare hote hai yeh.


Their love is just so, so, so, so pure and unconditional without any hidden agenda or unnecessary judgements. Growing up can be scary, because literally everything in your life is always changing, sometimes for good, but sometimes not so much, but their immense love for you is one of the few things in life that will always stay constant.