Lived for about 25 years but still can’t figure out if siblings are a boon or bane to mankind. So, we thought ek pros and cons ki list bana dete hai. So, here are the types of siblings that we know do exist:


Tumhara khud ka Dobby

Dobby from Harry Potter.

Yeh hote hai ghar ke house elf. Remember that kid from nirma salt ad jisko ghar ka saara kaam karna padta hai, safai bhi, shopping bhi? This sibling is ghar ka Alexa. Jinhe sirf order milte rehte hai aur ye chup chap karte rehte hai. But they are also the most precious and adorable creatures, and they will do anything for you!



Dexter and Dee Dee from Dexter’s Laboratory.

LITERALLY THE MOST ANNOYING CREATURE EVER CREATED. By god, Kabhi Kabhi lagta hai kaash apni hi koi lab hoti just so you could get some shaanti & stay away from their annoying existence for a while. But kya kare, family jo hai. Seh lenge thoda.


 Monica to your Ross:

Monica and Ross from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Together you set sibling goals for others.You don’t need anyone else if you have them. You share giggles just as much as you share fights. Bina unhe roast kare din nahi nikalta par raat ko tv show saath dekhe bina mann nahi bharta. Your friends are always saying “yaar your sibling is so cool. And you guys may or may not have a dance routine lol. Parents are always happy to see ki kitne acche bacche hai dono.


Andar se Komolika

Komolika from Kasauti Zindagi Kay

Shakal shareef hoti hai but if you actually go close to them & listen, you’d hear “dhin tanan dhin, dhin tanana din” playing. Dil ke acche hote hai, but evil bhi utne hi hote hai. When house bell rings they pretend to fall asleep so inhe gate na kholna pade, maggi kitchen mei banate time hi kha lete hai. And the worst part, parents humesha inki side pe hote hai.  Aur kam karna to koi inse seekhe, seekhe inse!


Mandir ka Ghanta

Bandya from Chup Chup Ke.

Yeh toh wohi youngest sibling hai jisko peetne ke liye you don’t even need a reason. Chalte firte inko koi bhi thappad de sakta hai kyunki “aise hi sexy lag raha tha”. Bachpan mei saare WWE finishing moves Inpe try kiye Jaate the. They are like real life ka Rajpal Yadav meme character jise har koi mandir ka ghanta samjhke baja jaata hai.

Guilty feel karwate hai, hona nahi.


They crawled so you could walk:

Iqbal and Khadija from Iqbal (2005).

Everything comes easy to you because they made it easier for you. They had to fight for everything that you maybe take for granted now. Laptop, internet connection going out with friends, talking on phone at night, choosing an unconventional career, your parents are chill because of them. Take a moment and say tum bahut mast kaam karta hai, dil se thank you”.


Sharma Ji ka baccha

Song Jame Raho from Taare Zameen Par.

They are Sharma ji ka baccha, except you’re also Sharma, and they are your sibling..Overachieve karne ki bachpan se kasam kha rakhi hai inhone. They have set the bar so high that your parents legit think you have a single brain cell. Matlab bro, confidence ke L Ing jaate hai. Jitna marzi karlo, mummy papa inse hi zyada pyar karenge. Chalo, comment mei boldo “bhai, rehem karlo humpe thoda.”


Mummy Sibling

Elsa from Frozen 2.

Usually the Badi Didi. You’ll get confused whether they are your siblings or another parent you don’t even need? you value their love, care and gyaan a lot but it’s extern is tbh annoying sometimes. Aapki sari harkat ghar par banana, “seekhe koi, sikhe inse” But kya kare, pyaar bhi karte hai bahot. Chalo abhi didi ko thanks bolo & say will never let you goo, will never let you gooo.


It’s confusing to have siblings sometimes, because on some days you’d happily give your life for them and on the other days, you’d happily take it. But at the end of the day you know you wouldn’t be the person you are today if it weren’t for them.

Adulting karte karte thoda busy hogye hum sab, but pyaar utna hi nahi. And it’s good to remind them that by throwing a pillow on their head. Or if they live away from home, by sending them this post.