“Yeh Dhoni Sachin hai?” “Nahi, yeh Dhoni Dhoni hai.”


To nobody’s surprise, M.S. Dhoni has taken the internet by a storm yet again, but this time it isn’t because of his last ball helicopter shot boundry or his lightning speed stumping to win India the match or his witty reply to retirement question. This time it’s because of something entirely different, his untold life story; the official trailer of his biopic ‘M.S. Dhoni – The Untold Story‘.



This trailer turned everyone’s reaction from “Haan toh theek hi hogi, roz hi biopic aati rehti hai” to “GOOSEBUMPS GOOSEBUMPS OMG THEY NEED TO RELEASE THE MOVIE TOMORROW” in less than 197 seconds. The video on Youtube hit 100k+ views in only about an hour


But a very few people seemed to dislike the video on Youtube and this guy knows why


This trailer almost reminded us of the ICC World Cup 2011 and hence the reaction is just as magnificent as Dhoni’s helicopter shot (not really):


Indian sporting culture in a nutshell

So Sorry for this lmao


Sharma ji ka beta gets trolled yet again


Tum toh Raina hi do


Where’s the lie?


It’s surreal


Mera bhi kuch kardo bhai Dhoni


Hair we go again


Cap’n cool to actor cool?


But boys played well.




And again…


From “In the air… Sreesanth takes it. India wins!” to “Dhoni finishes off in style, magnificent strike into the crowd, India wins world cup after 22 years”, Dhoni has been one constant factor. We’re super excited for this movie!


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