Queen of cringe-pop is back with her latest masterpiece on public demand, and the whole internet is collectively dying.

photo source: buzzfeed

After dropping some orgasmic (read: shitty) pieces that took the internet by a fkn storm, she’s recently come up with another song using the same viral strategy she’s been using all along: if you want to stand-out among the masses, you have to either be extremely talented or extremely cringeworthy. And in a world swarming with unrecognized talented people, the latter seems like a better bet tbh.



“Haha going viral is so easy these days haha” Yeaaaaah, no.

Say hello to the ugly side of cringe-pop: with great popularity, comes great amount of hate messages, abuses, death threats and what not packed in cyber-bullying. But believe it or not, Dhinchak Pooja has aced it all, she seems 100% immune to all the bullying, and she handles hate-mails like a boss.  You may hate her music, I know I do, but you can’t help but appreciate the viral marketing genius she is.



Now, people often blame Facebook pages for giving her the popularity but here’s a piece of truth:




But it still doesn’t change the fact that a lot of talented Youtubers work their asses off for months and still don’t get 1% of the attention she does. Sure, it was fun and games sharing all the memes, but if it becomes a legitimate trend to make talentless shits famous, we’ll be on one way ticket straight to ruins.


So here’s a little good news, this time people are seeing through her bullshit and not willing to fall for it.














I have not seen her new video yet, and I’m not going to. Please spread the word.