Delhi University cut-off list falls short of everyone’s expectations

Seriously, everyone was expecting Delhi University cut-off list to be legitimately around 101% this year, but look who has disappointed this time, yes, the joke is on you, Delhi University. *weeps silently*

But nevertheless, the cut-off stands strong at 99.25% is still too damn high. Quite literally. *runs away*


Delhi University High Cut-Off List


Jokes apart, Delhi University announced their cut-off list last night and it’s not as brutal as it was expected after CBSE Boards Result (I never thought I would be alive long enough to say that). “It has dropped 0.75% from the last two years which is a good news for aspiring students,” says a professor at Delhi University. Haha, please tell me they are joking, right.


Ah, look at all those numbers I cannot even dream to achieve.

Delhi University Cut Off Listsource: theindianexpress

But is it really pain if we don’t make jokes on it and cry?


Delhi University Cut-Off list   source: Tumblr.

How about Trial By Combat for year 2025?

Too broke for this shit.

How do I get adopted in to an OBC household? it’s for a school project.

Delhi University Cut-off playing with our emotions since ancient time

Same, bro, same. We feel you.

Seriously,  why do we care about DU when the world is at Sharda University?

That’s the face of you make when your dreams die. Yep.

But don’t lose hope, kids, if Delhi University cut-off doesn’t work out for you, you have Sharda University, Amity University, Lovely Professional University and of course, IIN. What I’m trying to say is, you’re fucked lol bye