Being shut since the early corona times in India, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is set to resume its functioning from tomorrow i.e., 7th September and has initiated a new travel protocol for daily passengers.



Insight into new measures: 

  • Due to COVID too many precautions have been taken, including that the train doors would be kept open at particular intervals of time at different stations, so as to let in free air infuse into the metro.
  • Pre- taped audio/video announcements regarding social distancing and wearing of mask would be made, so as to maintain sanity.
  • Passengers with respect to social distancing will be made to sit at every alternative seat or either stand and they’ve also stuck posters on every alternative seat.
  • At the dusk of every day, the train would be thoroughly sanitized when it reaches back at their depots. Including, that they’ll be sanitized at very few intervals in the dawn as well.
  • At each station the stoppage time would be increased by 10 seconds, so that the travelers get sufficient time for alight and board. (From 10-15 to 20-25 seconds)
  • At interchanging sections, the stoppage time will be increased by 20 seconds. (From 35-40 to 55-60 seconds)


Kailash Gahlot (Delhi Transport Minister), stated that he was very happy that people of Delhi would be able to travel through metro after a long period of gap, almost 5 months. Although the COVID rate in Delhi is under control and there’s a good rise in recovery he urges people to not travel unnecessarily. He requests passengers to adhere by the protocols and norms issued.


SOP (Standard operating procedure) for metro travel includes-

  • Token counters will be closed and Less number of entry & exit points.
  • Use of lift; only 2-3 people at a time are allowed depending on the capacity. 
  • Use of escalators; they would be asked to stand on alternative steps in regard to maintain social distancing.
  • In ease of the thermal screening process the passengers are asked to carry minimal baggage and avoid metal objects. Post- thermal screening, only asymptomatic passengers will be allowed. 
  • The reach of metros will not be allowed in all the containment zones
  • All the passengers are encouraged to download the Aarogya Setu mobile app, to gain awareness.
  • Sanitizers will be kept at every stop for the passengers.
  • As tokens and paper slips are risky, travelers are encouraged to use the smart card


Metro timings- 

1. There’ll be three specific stages:
  • First stage- commencing from September 7th-10th , it’ll be operated only in two shifts per 4 hours, (7am-11am and 4pm-8pm)
  • Second stage- commencing from September 11th where in it’ll be operated for six hours i.e., (7 am-1pm & 6pm-11pm)
  • Third stage- beginning from September 12th, all the operations shall begin from 6am- 11pm. 
  1. Line check-
  • Yellow line Metro services- the service from Samaypur Badli to Huda City Centre will be resumed from September 9th.
  • Blue and Pink line metro services- DMRC will start this from September 9th.
  • Red, Green and Violet line metro services-  will begin from September 10th. 


Addition deployment has been made by the DMRC apart from the regular number of front line staff, there’ll be 1000 officials including all the lines wholly to help the passengers comprehend things, to see it’s not blown out of proportion, to ensure cleanliness and orderliness. The staff has been asked to maintain a care free and positive environment with the passengers to avoid controversies. 

Hope the people follow all these guidelines and the safety of people is still maintained in the ‘new normal’ .