Ever since the start of this pandemic, the entire world has collectively missed one thing- TRAVELLING. We’ve all made do with reminiscing, looking at vacation photographs, travelling from app to app and share sad cat memes. Well here is something new to talk about and MAYBE plan with your friends after at least that one Goa trip happens.

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Tushar Agarwal and Sanjay Madan of Adventures Overland have come up with the “first-ever hop-on/hop-off bus service” that” take you across the world from Delhi to London. It is estimated to ferry 20 passengers on a modified luxury bus, taking inspiration from the Hippie Trail buses that crisscrossed the world dadaji ke “apne zamaaane mei.”

* play Ilhahi on full volume in the bg *

They have guesstimated that the bus will cross over 18 countries over a period of 70 days (20,000km), with passengers hopping off to marvel at the pagodas of Myanmar, visit the Great Wall of China and take a look at the historic cities including Moscow and Prague.

Idk about you but c’mon visiting London is definitely on my bucket list! “And getting to travel to all the fancy destinations on the way is just sone pe suhaaga.” says the friend jisko 8 baje ke baad ghar se nahi niklne dete.

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But like what about corona ???

As there are a lot of Covid restrictions pending it’s likely to be set up in the mid 2021. Panvel thode na hai, jo ek dum kal hi nikalna ho !

Accordingly, due to numerous factors like weather the justifiable time to hop on onto this bus would be favorable if it’s between April to June, as it’s from Myanmar to cross the high mountains of China and Kyrgyzstan.

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Talk about money ???

The founders states,”This is a tried and tested route”, and is designed to be as safe as possible, adding that local guides also join the party as well, as each border is crossed to assist with their own travel history and attractions connecting.

So it will cost around $20,000 (15 Lakh), but it’s up to us, if we want to opt to just travel a part of the journey, which is perhaps divided into four legs.

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Finally, as soon as this pitch was published they were pinged messages from travelers around the world who were interested in joining this hop on buses, and they approximately had 40,000 people registering. I am sure meri South Delhi vaali friend would also be one them !!!

And also,  people who can get onto this bus must be aged between 5-75 y/o. I swear maine itne paise kharch kare aur meri bus mei ek bhi chota bacha nikla naa, who cries and kicks your seat all the time, vahin ticket cancel hai bro.

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Life changing trip indeed ? Nahi toh sapno mei sochne ke liye toh achi hai ye !

Obviously, nostalgic once it’s done but Birthday pe konse cafe jaana hai vo toh decide hota nahi hai mere friends se but till then here’s another point to crib about this coronahahahah :)))