After struggling with air pollution and falling below the average AQI number of times in the past, Delhi finally recorded the cleanest air since the year 2015.



Earlier this week the capital’s cleanest day ever was recorded on Monday with the, Air Quality Index (AQI) being recorded at just 41, which is considered to be in the ‘good’ category – ranging from 0 to 50. In the past month, the AQI has not gone above the level of 87, which is considered to be in the ‘satisfactory’ range.

Forget the official ‘ranges’, Delhi being the most thickly populated place has been showing such a great rate of improvement. That’s great news apart from all the falling off controversies happening.



Talking about the past-

  • 2015 – AQI was launched and Delhi did not record many good air days.
  • 2016 – marked hazardous.
  • 2017- The lowest AQI recorded in July with AQI around 43.
  • 2018- almost average but reached hazardous level after Diwali
  • 2019- Some days the AQI reached to 49.

Future predictions –

  • According to CPCB officials, more good air days are expected in September owing to the rain.
  • Scientists at the IMD said that with another week of rain forecast, it is likely to become among the wettest compared to at least the last five years.

Also, facts spell out – Delhi received a ‘heavy to very heavy’ rainfall between August 20 and 21. Monday being the second good air day this month, and third for the year so far. Previously, on August 13, after a period of heavy rain, Delhi’s AQI dropped tremendously. The first ‘good’ air day this year was recorded on March 28, days after the nationwide lockdown was imposed, with an AQI reading of 45. Since August 20, the AQI has been below 60.


Wondering how this happened all of a sudden?

Experts have said that a reason behind improved air quality is that movement of people and vehicular traffic has not returned to the level it was in the pre-coronavirus period. So, apart from all the covid issues happening presently, people in Delhi are breating pollution free air.

Executive director (research and advocacy) ANUMITA ROYCHOWDHURY stated, “Usually, monsoon months are cleaner than the rest of the year apparently. Higher number of clean air days this August is a combination of good rainfall and the overall reduction in pollution levels in the months preceding August (during the lockdown). Pollutants weren’t accumulated as much, and were washed away by very heavy rainfall. It is pretty crucial to keep this trend through the coming winter months with aggressive implementation of pollution control measures”.


Vaise toh Delhi has been linked to polluted air, but this virus has surely helped Delhites witness pretty clean blue skies after so long in contrast to the rising number of cases. Quite ironic to how they can only step out wearing masks in this fresh air also though. But jaisa abhi chal raha hai, chalne do dilli vaalon !