Good news for animal lovers! The forest department officials announced on Wednesday that Delhi is likely to get its first wild animal rescue centre by the end of the year.


The location where this would come up is a 1.24-acre plot in Rajokri where a monkey rescue centre is lying abandoned.  The official also stated that there have been rapid teams appointed to adhere to their rules and facilitate rescuing stranded and injured animals and to bring them into rehab at the Rajokri facility.

Finally, something has been done to take care of animals because at this point of time where deforestation is increasing and animals have no efficient shelter this has been an issue ever since and feels good to see this step being taken in the capital. 


What about the funds?

Thankfully, the Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority have planned on sanctioning funds for this purpose. And of course if anybody wants to contribute to this, they would be more than happy to receive it.

How did the idea come up?

Firstly there was a case pending in the supreme court regarding the rescue of wild birds. But as the panel hinted that there was no need for making a place just for pigeons or birds they dropped the idea. The approval of the Ridge Management Board was needed to bring in more broadening of the proposal of a wild bird rescue centre to a wild animal rescue centre.


Therefore, they have decided on bringing up this centre in place of a proposed facility for birds. But at the same time the centre will be used for rescuing birds, as well.

An official also stated that, when they went through data of animals rescued, they acknowledged that likely just birds did not justify a separate facility. But if there’s a talk of wild animals rescued, such as nilgai, mongoose, monkeys and jackals, and reptiles, they are more in number and it would be best to set up this idea.

Hoping for these rehabilitating centres to work out for the best.