If you have been living under a massive rock lately, here’s a little recap of what has happened recently: Deepak Sharma is one of the many religious fanatics in our country. He also has a great fan following on social media and so, one of his videos went insanely viral and people turned it into a meme.

source: Memes Of India




Unsurprisingly, Deepak Sharma took offense at those memes, and so he did exactly what any smart person would do; kidnapped a guy and beat him up in a live video on facebook. He also publicly threatened to do the same to all may-may makers if they make fun of religion.


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But he probably didn’t think it through. Not only people made more memes on him, the video also caused a massive outrage in the entire country. Many publications covered the story and countless messages were sent to Jaipur Police to take an action against him.


But in an exclusive interview with ANI, Deepak Sharma defended his actions by saying that the video was a short film, and he was trying to convey a message by thrashing someone, just like Bollywood stars do in their movies.




Tbh it’s not actually about Deepak Sharma, it’s about the thousands of his followers that support kidnapping and beating up people in the name of religion. Nivedan hai police se ki koi action liya jaayega.


credits: Desi Comics / Mohammad Amjed