Deadpool came out earlier this year and took the cinema by a storm. From its creative marketing campaign to its execution, everything about the movie was amazing. But let’s talk about the elephant on the webpage.


We are no strangers to our sanskaari censor board. Even after getting an adult rating, the movie had enormous amount of cut-scenes and let’s not even talk about the beeps after every single dialogue.





But all hail the internet! A youtube channel called Inside Reviews made a supercut of all the curse words in Deadpool movie into one video. Watch it with your headphones on and sprinkle a few drops of holy water after watching it.



Good folks over at Kids In Mind even made a detailed list of bad words used in Deadpool movie.


84 F-words and its derivatives
34 scatological terms
21 sexual references
19 anatomical terms
9 religious exclamations
8 mild obscenities, name calling
3 obscene hand gestures


buoysource: hindustantimes


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