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Don’t be late

I mean this one is a no brainier. In today’s times of easy left and right swipes “first impression is the last impression” stands true more than it ever has. If you live on the other side of the city, leave your home early. If you think you might get stuck in the rush-hour traffic, schedule your date a little late in the evening beforehand only.

Dress well. Dress appropriately

Find that perfect outfit between too casual and too formal. How you decide to dress is basically you setting the vibe for the night, subconsciously. Also, men, all you have to do is put on a shirt and pair it with any pair of jeans that does not have a dal stain on it. Please, the chances of getting this wrong are very very low. And you still manage to ruin it, how?? For next time, remember women have very low tolerance for men in sandals and cargo shorts.

Don’t use your phone

I cannot stress this enough but DO NOT FUCKIN’ USE YOUR PHONE, you imbecile!! You have a very real person right in front of you and the opportunity to make a real connection here, but nahi, lage pade hai virtual duniya mei apna swag banane. And aside for that, did no one tell you that it’s rude to use your phone when you’re in someone’s company, you padhe likhe anpadh. Your snapchat streaks can wait, but if you don’t give your partner your undivided attention, they might not.

Talk a little. Listen a whole lot more.

Find the right scale between talking about yourself and actually listening to what your date has to say. Don’t talk over them. Let them finish before you tell them your take on the situation. Agar apne aap se hi baat karni thi toh itni durr kyon aaye, haina??

Don’t cuss


See gaali Hum sab dete hai. And this fact of life is not lost upon any of us, but bhenc**d 2-3 ghante gaali nahi bhi doge toh mar nahi jaoge. Your first date is sacred. Something you’ll always remember for all the other dates to come. So not fucking up you chances for a 2nd date by controlling your tongue for an hour or 2 is not a bad deal.

Avoid talking about your ex


They will eventually come up in the subsequent dates. But your first date is for and about you and your partner alone. They want to know more about the wonderfully bright person that YOU ARE, and not all the trauma some unambitious, mama’s boii caused.

Find a safe ground between too open and too shy

Tread slowly but steadily. Don’t dive right into making personal jokes. Give them time to at least get through the main course before you start making funnily sarcastic jokes. But also don’t be too reserved because this might be your only chance to show them the trailer for a film they would want to watch and re-watch.

Don’t show off

Basically don’t over sell yourself. Play it modest. No one wants to know what a devta insaan you are. Give them the chance to find it out for themselves by your actions and not your words. Also, avoid disclosing the details of the leather interiors in your Q7 or all the property you have. Jk. Jk. Hum sab gareeb hai (mei toh hun).

Have the date planned

If you’re the one who set up the date, then you best have the whole afternoon/evening planned to the tee. No one likes to come all prepared for a wonderful evening and then be caught off guard with a “toh kahan jana hai??” Leave the spontaneity for the 4th/5th date.