90’s Iconic Indian pop star Daler Mehndi got convicted in a 2003 human trafficking case by Patiala Court and sentenced to two years in jail.

Daler Mehndi Gets Bail

Daler Mehndi and his brother were accused of illegally sending people abroad. Mehndi brothers had taken two troupes in the late 90’s during which 10 people were taken to the United States as group members and were “dropped off” illegally.

Patiala Police even raided the Daler’s offices at Connaught Place in New Delhi and seized the documents of people who had paid the alleged “passage money” to him.

But before people could even react or make some hilarious memes, Daler Mehndi got a bail.

“I have been granted bail. We will appeal in higher court,” Daler Mehndi told reporters outside the court.


So, wait, Daler Mehndi gets sentenced to 2 years in jail after 15 year of judicial process and gets a bail in less than 10 minutes? oh, okay. Nice.

The realization of Indian judiciary favoring rich people and celebrities isn’t so strange to us anymore.


To sum it all up.