This year’s IPL wasn’t in favor of CSK as they lost many matches and won only three matches out of eleven which gives more justification to yesterday’s innings, it was extremely down pouring for CSK. 


They are on the edge of the iceberg of getting eliminated but anyways it’s highly impossible for them to come up again into the game and have very few chances as the performance has been subpar, they ball down to the last place on the scoreboard. Chennai could manage only 114 for nine, a total four-time champions Mumbai chased down in 12.2 overs without losing a wicket.

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Dhoni, once of the game’s best finishers but who took more than a year off after India’s elimination from the World Cup, has been slammed for his go-slow approach this season.

Buttttt, it’s 2020 so we refuse to blame it on Dhoni or CSK and just blame it on the year.


Highlights of Dhoni’s post match speech yesterday

He said “it hurts” and seedhe dil mei dard hua kasam se and he also admitted the fact that it’s a pain losing but again he’s a sportsman and “the captain can’t run away”. He very confidently said he’d be playing the next three matches as well, even though they have less chances of winning, the practice would be productive for the next year’s match.

“Whenever you’re not doing well, there can be a hundred reasons, but one of the main things you ask yourself is whether you’ve played to the potential you’ve got, no matter the conditions,” Dhoni said.


Fans come out in support of Dhoni

Under the leadership of Dhoni, CSK has won the IPL thrice and they were amongst the favorites of dream11 IPL and fans never let him down. 


Twitter is bursting with tweets from a very large number of fans, as they reach out in motivation and congratulate Dhoni for all these years of hard work, while some fans supported them by tweeting about their past record which is pretty amazing , some claimed that one bad season does not make CSK a bad team.

And here’s how fans come in support with the ‘seh lenge thoda’ spirit:

Basically, this has been a test for all of Dhoni’s fans, which has set high standards. But they all wish best of luck for the future endeavors and are happy despite CSK’s performance this year aur bas honestly just bhaad mei jaaye 2020.