When Netflix and Prime were not there for us to binge, we had a bunch of these crazy reality shows on our watch list every day. Here’s us bringing to you the list of cringiest reality shows to have ever existed on Indian Television.

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Because Ranvijay’s Annual Rozgaar Yojana isn’t a catchy name. Kya aapke papa ke paas bahut paisa hai? Haaan. Kya aap apne aap ko model samajte ho? Haaan. Kya aap dumb ho? Hmm, haaan. Kya aap desperate for attention bhi ho? Haan bhai haan. Congratulations, you just got selected for Splitsvilla.



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Tagline was “TVs meanest game show” but actually mei cringiest tha.


Emotional Atyachar

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Remember this show? A person trying to test the fidelity of his/her partner and finding out that the person is not a sakht launda, even before it was a thing. I am sure people who remember this show also remember this lady who yelled “He is a bitch-of-a-son!” Ye asli meme material tha us time ka.


Koffee With Karan

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Where Karan Johar plays that pados wali aunty from South Bombay jisko tumhari sex life me tumse bhi zada interest hai. Pata nahi kaise dekh lete hai ye show aajtak samjh nahi aaya.



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TV show we have all watched at least once in our life. Say what you will, but uss time pe iska alag hi hype tha. Jab Chandigarh ke har 14 saal ke bache ka sapna Roadie banna hota tha. Ab woh tiktok bana ke hi khush hojate hai. Season 6 was the peak – with Nauman, Tamana, Sufi, Paulomi, etc. It’s been downhill since. Ab toh pata nahi kyun hi exist karta hai.


Rakhi ka Swayamvar

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Imagine 15-20 young men trying to impress Rakhi Sawant and get her to marry one of them. Oh Jejus, ye kya career trajectory hai? aur ye dekhane ke liye TV invent karwaya tha kya


Dare to Date

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The host played a cupid to match people who were pretty much the complete opposite of each other’s “ideal mate.” I dare you to watch a full episode of this show without judging your existence.


Big Boss

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The only good thing to have ever come out of this kachra equivalent of a reality show.


Rakhi Ka Insaaf

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When she wasn’t busy selecting a suitable guy to marry on national TV, she was giving Rakhi ka justice to people’s problems and fights! Who thought of this mahaan idea, show yourself, I just want to talk.

To be honest some of these shows how much so ever cringy they were, became our guilty pleasure to watch 😛