We listen to soulful songs that fill us up with love and happiness and what not feelings but cringe fest songs are everything. They make you feel good like nothing else. So, here are a few ones to add to your playlist:

1. Gaadi Waala Aaya gharse Kachda Nikaal:

This song should be declared the Swacch Bharat theme song. This song is society’s solution, basically. Also, this should be the new baraat jam. Forget Ishq tera tadpaave.


2. Raja Raja:

This song is basically everything one wants from a song. Savvy dance moves, amazing song video and such catchy beats. Also plis don’t listen in front of your parents or you’ll get your ass whooped.


3. Sunday Morning Love you:

This song is proposal material. You can use it to propose someone, waise he khair rejection toh milna he hai.


4. Bolna aunty aaun kya:

LEGENDARY. Song that lead to a whole movement. A whole friggen movement wherein in Mumbai thousands gathered just to shout the lyrics of this stupid song. Come on, these are the things we will look back in history and revel at.


5. Rinkiya ke Papa:

Everytime I listen to this song, all I can think of is that uncle who does a thumka in the crowd wearing a gamcha as a muffler. Even Nora Fatehi can’t do a thumka like that. Also, who writes lyrics for Manoj Tiwari? Plis teach.

6. Mankind’s Angel:

*listens to it at 2am and finds god*


7. Kitabo mein yeh:

Send it to your crush, make them know about your feelings though this song. Tell us when they block you.


8. It’s my life, whatever I wanna do:

This song is what I want to repeatedly tell the society. “People think that I am somewhat mental, they don’t know I am very sEnTiMenTaL”. This song is the real song of revolution.

9. Metro se Delhi mein bahaar aayi hai:

This song should be every Delhiite’s favourite. Such a commute friendly song.  Listen to it when you cant find your friend at Rajiv Chowk because she is standing at a CCD and there are 4 friggen CCDs?? Also they are dancing on the metro tracks. Fine laga na unko DMRC?