Delhiites Successfully Rebelled Against #CrackerBan & Now They Are Choking On Victory

Despite Supreme Court’s ban on sale of crackers in Delhi-NCR this Diwali, people successfully rebelled against supreme court’s order by somehow still managing to arrange crackers on time.

The air quality in New Delhi crossed even the danger level with extremely high PM 2.5 content in the air. Volume of PM 2.5 and PM10, which enter the respiratory system and manage to reach the bloodstream and cause breathing problems, spiked intensely from around 10 pm.


Mumbai’s pollution level also crossed the danger level but it was still better than Delhi’s.

Here’s how the pollution level looked like around India:



Here’s the real-time air quality index visual map of India.


With extremely poor pollution level, this is how Delhi looked in the morning.


As the Supreme Court’s cracker ban went up in smokes last night, most people are disappointed & fuming with anger. Here’s what they are saying.








Silver lining is a little hard to see right now due to the heavy smog, but this time Delhi had the cleanest Diwali in last three years. The limited availability of firecrackers had at least some effect.

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