Folk songs are celebrated and discussed a lot less than they should be. They bring out the class apart regional music that we miss out on. Coke Studio India has brought such songs to the surface and made every India embrace themselves with their local music. Here, we are listing you some of the best songs by Coke Studio India:


“Sheher” by Amit Trivedi and Tanvi Shah:

No other singer has been involved in as many coke studio hits as much as Amit Trivedi has been in merely by the virtue of variety that he brings with his every offering. This song is about the qualms of an urban lifestyle, treats us with the one and only performance by Tanvi Shah in the series (the first Indian woman to win a Grammy).



‘Moner Manush’ by Anupam Roy Feat. Satyaki Banerjee & Babul Supriyo:

Another song that brings out the best our culture has to offer this was originally a traditional Bengali folk song composed by Lalon Fakir adopted by Anupam Roy with a contemporary twist. Satyaki Banerjee brings out the original Bengali dialect with impeccable fluency with Babul Supriyo lending his voice to the bits in Hindi to this song retailing the tale of two separated lovers and their yearning to be reunited.

The song resonating with even people acquainted with the language is a tribute to the fact that you don’t need to understand art to be touched by it.


‘Rabba’ by Amit Trivedi, Tochi Raina, Jaggi:

There is obviously no such thing as too much Amit Trivedi. In an era where artists are looking to create a niche for themselves, he manages to shatter every stereotype with as much ease as he manages to nail all the different genres across music. As a composer in this song, he manages to bring nicely complement Tochi’s earthy melody while at the same time providing impetus to Jaggi’s top simultaneously as the song twists in and out across different themes.


‘I Wanna Fly’ by Sharmilee & Babul Supriyo Feat. Anupam Roy & Javed Akhtar:

This hidden gem by Babul Supriyo and Anupam Roy has managed to fly under the radar ever since its release in the episode that brought Coke Studio India to an end. Javed Akhtar has penned down the lyrics to the song describing the chemistry between a father as he sees his daughter growing up and taking her place in the world. Performed by the ever melodious Babul Supriyo sharing his stage with his daughter Shamilee, this song serves as a soothing testament to every special father-daughter relationship out there.


‘Jhumoor’ by Papon, Dulal Manki & Simantha Shekhar:

There is no other song that unravels the true potential and diversity in art form that the Indian culture has to offer as well as this one. It is a glimpse into the kind of success that Coke Studio India could have replicated had it stayed true to its essence.

While a lot of other artists tried to overly urbanise the platform to suit particular taste, Papon manages to bring out the true potential that Indian folk has to offer with this beautiful rendition of the Assamese song and with it he managed to not only create one of the best song of the entire series, but also one that never manages to leave you at peace and contentment after a long tiring day.


‘Zariya’ by AR Rahman, Ani Choying, Farah Siraj:

How can you make a list about the best Coke Studio India songs and leave the maestro out? This cross-country collab brings out the best of both worlds from Nepal and Jordan seasoned with Rahman’s music to produce the perfect melody.

The vivid embroidery of the song comes out in its full glory around halfway as it transcends to a different level altogether.


‘Tauba’ by Papon, Benny Dayal:

For whoever complaining about the list containing songs too intense and locale here comes the breather! Papon and Benny Dayal was the combination we didn’t know we needed, as the two light up the stage with this breathy single. Benny weaves his magic on-stage which he is often known for, leaving us yearning for more.


‘Chaudhary’ by Amit Trivedi feat Mame Khan:

Probably one of the most popular songs to come out of the series, it was responsible for making Mame Khan the household name he is today. One distinct feature of the song is how effectively it uses traditional instruments at its core & only relies on contemporary names for touch-up rather than depending on them. The song manages to change your mood no matter how many times you’ve listened to it before. Oh the joys of going back to one’s roots!


‘Laadki’ by Sachin-Jigar, Taniskha S, Kirtidan G, Rekha B:

I am going to come out as clearly biased here, because this is my favourite song of the lot As someone hailing from Gujarat, i can attest to it being perfect reminiscent of its ethos. The song is in form of a conversation first between Jigardan Gadhavi (the father) and Tanishka Sanghvi (daughter) about the special bond they share and no matter where she end up being, she will always remember their special connection. From that it gravitates towards Rekha Bhardwaj(grown-up daughter) about how grateful she is for the time they have spent together, and no matter how the world knows her, she will always be her father’s daughter first and everything else second. it’s impossible to not tear up every time listening to the song.


Now go to Youtube and connect your earphones and listen to them and cry. Go go!