Avengers: Infinity War is taking the world box office by a storm. It has collected over 900 million dollars in just one week. In India, it’s racing towards 200 crore mark as you read this.

It’s not just the box office, Infinity War has also taken over the internet. From new meme templates and joke formats, people can’t stop talking about it.

Thanos memes and photoshop

The movie is so full of epic moments, there’s a big chance you might have missed these clever little details Russo brothers put in the film.

1. Infinity War poster is balanced – as it should be.

Infinity War poster

Thanos talks about bringing balance to the universe throughout the movie. He achieves it with a snap of his fingers after collecting six infinity stones.

The makers, Russo brothers, took a step ahead to insert a meta joke in the official poster itself. Out of the 24 character displayed, exactly half are killed through-out the movie. See how the poser looks now.

Infinity War poster

2. Rocket is now the captain – as he wished.

Rocket infinity war

Rocket aka Rabbit jokes about being the sole captain of the ship throughout the movie. But little did he know by the end of Infinity War, he will be the only Guardian alive. Which, well, makes him the captain. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

3. Bruce Banner’s nod to Avengers: Age of the Ultron.

Thanos I'll do it myself

After multiple unsuccessful attempts to conjure Hulk, Bruce Banner finally says “I’ll do it myself,” kinda like how Thanos said in Avengers: Age of Ultron post-credit scene. We see you, Marvel.

4. Loki’s nod to The Avengers.

We have a hulk

Loki didn’t have much screen time in Infinity War [sobs] but he said “We have a Hulk” to Thanos which is a famous dialogue Tony said to Loki in The Avengers.

5. Nick Fury can be seen driving Infiniti QX50 car in the post credits scene.

We see what you did there, Marvel.

6. Tony Stark’s photo on the news.

Clever detail infinity War
source: buzzfeed


The image Marvel used of Tony Stark on the news is actually Robert Jr’s photo from Spiderman homecoming premiere.

7. Groot’s videogame.

Groot playing defender

The game teenage Groot was playing during the movie is called Defender, it’s a famous game from the 90’s in which player has to defend against alien attack. Which is basically the plot of the film.

8. ~THAT~ heartbreaking Spiderman scene was totally improvised.

Mr Stark I don;t feel so good

During a Q&A, co-director Joe Russo revealed that Tom Holland improvised that heartbreaking scene in which he turns into dust. Tom Holland is responsible for our tears.

9. Spiderman actually felt the pain of dying.

The reason Spiderman’s death scene was more elaborate the others is because of the Spidey Sense. Peter could feel the death beforehand and which is why he said “I don’t feel so good, Mr. Stark.” Mantis also realized it and said, “Something is wrong.”

10. Did you spot something weird about Marvel Studios’ logo?

If you catch Infinity War again, take a look at Marvel Studios’ logo. The “IO” in “Studios” turn into “10,” which is a nod to 10 years of Marvel.

11. Marvel sold us a lie… or did they?

Avangers Infinity War Memes

This epic scene from the official trailer of Infinity War was marketed as the face of the movie. However, it wasn’t actually in the movie because y’know, Hulk was a bit shy. But there’s a fan theory doing rounds which says that since Avengers 4 is going to deal with Time Travel, there’s a slight chance they will re-do the battle of Wakanda. So basically what they are suggesting is that we’ll see that scene in action in Avengers 4. -mental sparks-