Chris Evans, much loved as Captain America recently posted a video on Instagram of him playing “Heads Up” with his friends but since it was a screen recording, as the video ended and went back to his gallery, it surprised people with some nudes in the block.

The Avengers star’s iPhone camera roll apparently made its way into a now-deleted Instagram post on Saturday as it included a private photo that became the talk of the hour. And as soon as #ChrisEvans started to trend all over social media about his nudes, fans and other celebs stood in support and decided to flood the hashtag with only pictures of things he loves, his dog and his other loving photos from the past.


And people also reminded us about him suffering from anxiety disorder publicly in past and why we need to support him with love and kindness right now. 

A marvel fanclub page highlighted “Before sharing Chris Evans nude, remember that the actor suffered an anxiety disorder with the rise of his Hollywood career and even refused to be Captain America on several occasions for fear that fame would affect him and his family.”


Here is just how wholesome #ChrisEvans looks right now:


The Avengers and his fans assembled in his support and just can’t stop uwu-ing over how loving people or wholesome internet could be if just stirred in the right direction. In awe at people for tweeting about him and his dog in favor, thankyou.