Delhi High Court has passed an order to halt the cutting of 14,000 trees in South Delhi after many large scale protests, petitions, and online outrage.


Delhi is already drowning in high pollution level and the air quality is extremely toxic. Yet, Central Government ordered to chop off more than 14,000 trees in seven colonies of South Delhi to make houses for govt officials. However, the decision received a huge flak from Delhiites who are already finding it difficult to breathe in these toxic conditions.

People took it to streets to protest against this “suicidal” decision to cut that many trees in the capital. Although, NBC Corporation India Limited says that they would plant trees over 10 times of what they would cut. However, activists believe it’s not even close to the solution. “We don’t see compensatory plantation to be a successful solution for cutting old trees. Given Delhi’s pollution levels, it is necessary that old trees are not uprooted.”

On June 24, AAP organized a large scale “Chipko Andolan” to save Delhi Trees. The protest was supported by environmentalists, citizen activists. People came out in large numbers to save Delhi trees. Here are some of the photos from the protest.











Delhi’s environment minister Imran Hussaain was also present at Sarojini Nagar for Chipko Movement. The minister claims that he also objected to cutting down of trees but permission was given by lieutenant governor.


Mr Mishra, an orthopaedic surgeon, in his petition, asked the court to stop the project that requires cutting of thousands of trees for what it calls “redevelopment.” As reported by NDTV, High Court order to halt the project. “We could understand if it was a road-widening work which is inevitable. You want to cut thousands of trees for housing. Can Delhi afford this?” the judge questioned before passing the order to halt the project till 4th July, the next hearing.