Hiding under the blanket or sitting at a corner in the library only to sneakily get an extra hour of reading sums up our love for these books and comics from our childhood that we all grew up reading.

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in photo the cover of one of the goosebumps series books by r.l. stine
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Horror movies were cool and all, but have you read Goosebumps that you got from school library? these books were an entire different level of fun and scares! Some of the covers alone were enough to give 12 year old me nightmares. Also, damn, it was adapted as a TV series which air on Hungama.


Chacha Chaudhary

in photo cover of the book chacha chaudhary
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Cannot not mention the OG. Creative stories with the basic theme of good vs evil, Pran Kumar Sharma created such loveable characters which are still going strong ever since 1971. I mean who doesn’t remember Chacha and Sabu fondly?



in photo the covr of one of the tinkle comics
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Buying a copy of Tinkle Digest for 40% at the tiny bookshop on the railway station, and devouring it all the same day with railway track sounds in background. With characters like Suppandi, Shikari Shambu, Kapish, Butterfingers, Kalia the Crow those stories stay with you forever.


Children’s Encyclopedia

in photo cover of the book childrens science encyclopedia
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And of course, library jaati hi Encyclopedia kholna was the biggest flex of that time. Because a) sabse badi book thi. b) photos hoti thi isme c) photos dekh ke you could point to your friend and say “ye tu hai hahaha”



in photo cover of the book panchtantra ki kahaaniya
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If you’ve read these, you were raised right! Snow White and Fairy Tales got nothing on Panchatantra ki kahaniya. Still remember how they always had morals at the end.


The Famous Five

in photo cover of one of the famous five books
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The Five Find Outers, Secret Seven and The Famous Five, not to forget all the standalone novels she wrote are what got me into reading for the first time. Kids going on adventures and solving mysteries. How could you not love these?


Tom Sawyer

in photo the cover of the book tom sawyers adventures
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School made you read this one? Welcome to the club, mate. Still dunno how I was able to write teen pages of summary, complete with character sketches cos padhi toh zara bhi ni. Chalo yeh raaz bhi unn dino ke saath chala gaya.

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Nancy Drew Mystery Stories

in photo the cover of the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories book
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In a genre saturated with male protagonist, it’s always good to have a strong female lead. That’s why Nancy Drew was an absolute gem of a series – it was fresh with such creative mysteries, which had us turning the pages as fast as we could!



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Champak was the max source of entertainment back then. This little dude book had everything! kahaniya, quizzes, games, challenges, and sometimes even gifts. I used to buy it literally every month because pyaaar.

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Gtg look in the store room for a box of this hidden treasure and binge read them all over again!