Chhapaak was a significantly important movie and with the ongoing events all around us, it pushed us to watch it even more. The movie casts Deepika Padukone in the lead while we also see the likes of Vikrant Massey.

The first half started with a protest against the Nirbhaya rape incident in Delhi that clashes with the cops which looks like a strong base for a story about an acid attack victim. As the movie escalates, we are taken into the story of Malti (real life name: Laxmi) who is attacked by acid on her face in the middle of a market in broad daylight. What follows is the personal fight Malti goes through after the incident on a personal and social trajectory. The first half seemed promising but it was hard to keep up with the film jumping from present to past and back. What filled out the voids in the first half was filled up by Deepika Padukone’s terrific acting.

Also, in the first half it was clearly established that the acid attacker’s name was not Rajesh but Bashir Khan. Rajesh was infact Deepika Padukone’s boyfriend around the time when she was acid attacked.

The second half starts rather abruptly as they again jump back to the present without really warning us. Also, the second half has a lot of amazingly written dialogues that make us think, like the dialogue we all saw in the trailer “Kitna accha hota agar acid bikta nahi. Bikta nahi toh phikta bhi nahin”. The courtroom struggles and wins that Malti goes through is showed in a really impeccable manner. But, the romantic angle between Deepika and Vikrant’s character seems unnecessary and looks a bit forced. They could have easily done without it.

All throughout the movie, we can clearly see the touches of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and Gulzar for the music and lyrics in the movie, which make it stand out even more. The song “Chhapaak se pehchaan le gaya” tells so much about the story in just a few words. You feel uncomfortable throughout the movie and I personally feel that such discomfort makes us all think against a horrendous crime.

All in all, Chhapaak is a very important film which asks a lot of critical social questions and you should rush to the theaters to catch it this weekend to watch it with your family.