We know how crazy the Indian weddings can get with all the relatives and back to back ceremonies, so just wondering how crazier it’d get if our favorite fictional characters were to attend one.

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Ross Geller

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Acchi ji, shaadi hai aur Ross Geller na ho, aise kaise? he’d most probably the groom because bhai ke alag shauk hai. No judging. But since we don’t have wedding vows in Indian weddings, he’d be safe.

*tells him phere Bhabhi ke saath hi lene hai, just in case*


Barney bro

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Barney would be dulhe ka hot chhota bhai every girl at the shaadi is crushing on! suit game on point at every function, and personality so strong ek point pe dulha bhi insecure hojaaye.

He’d also invite his single friend Ted so he can play this little game he likes to call haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave you met ted?


Joey bhai

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He’d be that guy who’s attending the shaadi only and only for free paneer tikka and golgappe. He won’t know whose wedding it is, but he’d know which counter is serving which food. Hum Acting ki taraf se hai!


Michael uncle

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That attention ka bhookha chacha who pretends “haan maine hi toh ye shaadi host kari hai.” Sangeet ko host karna, DJ pe “ye gaadi kiski hai?” announce karna, sabse pehle dance karna, har rasam mei sabse aage rehna, couple ke saath khade rehna, relatives se puchna “khaana acha hai na ji?” – that’s him.

He’d also declare them pati and patni


Office wale dost

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Dulhe ke shareef dost who don’t talk much, just shyly standing at one corner gossiping w each other cuz baaki kisi ko nahi jaante. But after three shots, they’d be crazy dancing to oh ho ho ishq tera tadpaaaave!


Holt Uncle ji

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Uncle ji who gets angry at shaadi for no reason at all kyunki tradition hai. “Ye khaana kaisa hai?” “ye banquet kaisa hai?” “Ye milni ka kambal kaisa hai?” “ye DJ kaisa hai?” he’d be standing w dead inside expressions at the entrance of the venue

Photographer bhaiya: why aren’t you smiling? Holt uncle: i am smiling…



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The rebel young adult jisko mummy papa zabardasti shaadi pe le aaye even if it’s her own bhai ki shaadi, so that there is one person who can babysit random kids. “Hehe Maeve didi, aapke phone mei games hai kya???” meanwhile, all the guys would be crushing on her cuz she’s the prettiest 😉


Moira Aunty

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Shed be the hi-fi aunty who wears the most expensive kapde. With one glance – she’d know what brand every other person is wearing, especially if someone repeated an outfit or got it from Sarojini.


Bride ki friend

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Bride’s friend who’s just realizing that her bestfriend is actually getting married and they’re now proper grown ups and life won’t be the same again and she’s still single and probably never gonna find anyone she can half tolerate…. “mai bhi arranged marriage Karlu kya?”

Wedding season ahead, koi na koi toh aisa mil hi jaayega.