We may have leaders from across the world wishing our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji today in their own styles and as lakhs of wishes pour on him, and then there’s this one whacko Modiji fan who is expressing love for him in his own unique (read: crazyyy) style!

Anmol Bakaya, a YouTuber, is saying “Modiji” on Youtube livestream for 24 hours today on his birthday and it’s already been over 20 hours since he’s been doing it. LITERALLY. Cheggit here!

He has clearly mentioned it in the description of his video how much he credits Modji for all that he has done for our Nation in these trying times.

“In the past year I’ve heard a lot of things both positive & negative about our Honorable Prime Minister, but personally i just have immense respect for him and for all that he has done for our nation, my support for him is never ending and this is just a little gesture of appreciation and nothing more.”

A lot of people in the comment section are claiming that it just shows the height of unemployment in our country, well, it’s true, but also, this could probably be a Ninja technique to get our PM to unban PUBG.. well then hold up Imma join him in this mission.

Source: youtube.com

Okay now please don’t call yourself anyone’s fan if you don’t have this much jazbaa in you, also gtg head to the comment section of this live as it is stirring up with CRAZE max pro level. [unemployment intensifies]