Exactly 13 years ago, a movie made some ground-breaking impressions on the Indian audience and left us in daze. Chak De India turns 13 and here’s why it’s one of the BEST films ever.

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I swear, I was never a fan of sports movies, but after watching this movie I got hooked. From a brilliant screenplay to an amazing cast, Chak De India had everything to melt our hearts again and again and again…

“Har team mein sirf ek hi gunda ho skta hai aur is team ka gunda mai hu.”

Enter Kabir Khan.

Gritty and charismatic.

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One of the best characters to be ever played by SRK. We were kids when the Movie was out. Patriotism was a far cry for us. Not after we watched Kabir Khan. Not after we cried when he had to leave his home for no fault of his. Kabir instills inspiration and guts. Can’t thank SRK enough for bringing this character to life.

PS: A point to argue. SRK looks better with a beard. Yes?? No?? I’ll let you decide.


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Among the gem of a soundtrack that this movie has, “Maula mere le le meri jaan” is my personal favourite. This song with a Sufi theme is the heartthrob of legendary Bollywood jams and my #1 choice when I need to cry for n reason because the lyrics are that compelling and relatable.

Also, “Badal pe paon hain” is literally the happiest cloud-nine high jam. Fills your heart with joy and hope. Wholesome max!


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Chak deeeee oh chak de Indiaaaaaaa!

Still remember this chant from the 2011 Cricket World Cup. The movie featured the ultra-iconic song “Chak De India” which soon took the country by the storm. Every nook, every corner of the country echoed with the beats of this track. It was played at every sports meet and reached a cult status in the 2011 Cricket World Cup. Just the term “Chak de India” is synonymous with Indian victory in any field. The lyrics ooze of motivation and the vocals by Sukhwinder Singh send you into an adrenaline spree.


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The sattar minute speech!

Not gonna lie, I’ve watched this scene SO MANY times by now but I STILL never fail to get goosebumps. It’s such a powerful scene where every word SRK dropped was like thunder?? I remember watching it at home with my family and my normally noisy family was actually real quite. The delivery by SRK, the build-up of tension in the dressing room and the impact of every word left us awe-struck.

Lesson for life: You are in complete control of your actions and as long as you acknowledge that fact, you control your destiny.


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The movie showcases various instances of prejudice against women. A particular dialogue says “Ghar hi to sambhalna hai.” Preeti, Vidya, Komal and everyone else were the victims in the movie but it really is an eye opener for what women in the country go through every day. With prejudices in every societal hierarchy, equality is a blur. The movie rattle the cage of bigotry and establishes the fact that in a world of opportunities, men and women are on equal standings and should be treated so.

Also, THIS SCENE. A torrent of goosebumps and tears. So beautifully done!


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But most importantly, the movie showcases a dark aftermath of the partition & religious prejudice embedded deep in the Indian society. It is sad that such things still exist among us, where we fight for dominance of our religions and faith and forget the things that actually matter love and compassion for your countrymen irrespective of their religion. 

The movie articulates the fact that true patriotism is equality among all citizens of India irrespective of caste, creed or religion.


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Women’s sports have always been overshadowed by men’s games. A major Bollywood movie breaking stereotypes and establishing that “ladkiyan kuch phi kr skti hain” was a brave move and won all our hearts. Women empowerment and feminism movements were bolstered by this and we saw the imminent results in the 2010 Commonwealth games with the rising popularity of women sportspersons.


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The climax scene where Smith sends in the ball straight into Vidya’s pads and watching Kabir’s eye water was like a personal victory to us.

Lump in your throat and warmth in our hearts.

Chak De India was a big relief from the regular garbage masala Bollywood movies we kept getting fed. The movie made our childhood awesome and inspired our adulthood and there’s no doubting it.