Tom Cruise fans in India were excited to watch Mission Impossible Fallout on the big screen, but to their disappointment, final sequence was full of abrupt cuts, all thanks to CBFC’s decision to remove all Kashmir references in the film.

Mission Impossible fallout

After much internet outrage, CBFC Chief Prasoon Joshi finally broke his silence over it.

Mission Impossible fallout

He says that in one of the scenes, they show the map which “misrepresents the boundaries of Jammu and Kashmir.” The board asked Mission Impossible Fallout makers to either rectify or remove it. Furthermore, they also referred to Kashmir as ‘India-controlled Kashmir’ in the film, which CBFC asked them to correct as the ‘Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir.’


“Integrity of our country’s borders are non-negotiable and cannot be compromised on for the sake of entertainment,” CBFC Chief told PTI.

Mission Impossible fallout

CBFC also asked the makers to cut the title card before the final sequence which identified the place as “India-controlled Kashmir.” They also asked them to add a disclaimer before the film that says “the film neither intends to hurt the feelings/sentiments nor means to defame persons of any region, community, nationality, religion or organisation.”

However, the film still opened to a massive response at Indian box office. MI6 has earned over 55 crores in its first weekend, which is incredible, even by mainstream Bollywood standards.

Director McQuarrie wanted to shoot the last sequence in India but couldn’t get the permission. “We would have loved to come to India to shoot the film. We couldn’t shoot the aerial sequence (helicopter chase sequence) in India. It was a little too crazy. So, we ended up in New Zealand. But I scouted India extensively and I would love to come to India and shoot a film,” director Christopher McQuarrie said in an interview.