Back then when you heard the word “career” only a few conventional options popped up in your head: engineer, doctor, lawyer, etc.

It wasn’t fair, but at least it was comforting to know that’s all we could select from.


But now – it’s a MESS! There are SO MANY career options in today’s time you can choose from. With great choices, comes great (In Aman’s voice) confusion, confusion, confusion! and feeling of “bro mujhe bas rona aata hai, can I do it professionally?”

You see kids your age already doing cool stuff or have it figured out step by step-

kaunse entrance exams dene hai?

kaunsa course karna hai?

kaunsi university jaana hai?

But you’re clueless. You feel like you’re good at a lot of things – so what do you even choose and what do you forgo? Kaise decide kare??


Honestly, it’s not fair cuz school never prepared us to take calculated decisions for ourselves. I mean, you were literally asking your teacher for permission to drink water until a few months back lol. It’s not fair and I feel you.

But here are some things that might help while deciding! 🙂

Know Your Game


Basically 2 factors that help in deciding – your personality traits & career interests. Our goal is to align those 2 in the best way possible.

The first thing to do is know your game. List all the things you’re good at or like learning about or enjoy doing (“I love reading books about psychology!”)

Then list down the career options you think you’d kinda sorta enjoy (“Being a therapist sounds pretty cool!”)

Pehle estemaal kare, phir vishwas kare *ti ting*


Now see if there are any patterns or alignment. If not, that’s okay. Just shortlist the most practical options with good career prospects.

Now do a lil research and connect those career options to the course. Once you have a few courses listed. Download their first semester books from any university and start learning. Give each subject a few chapters. If you find yourself major yawning and wanting to throw away your laptop, you know that’s probably not your course. (low priority)



Now you’d have to go full Amy, cuz organizing and prioritizing goes a long way. Make pros & cons list, priority list, etc. Stalk the priority list. Read about the people in that line, profiles of companies of your interests. Check what people from that stream are doing on LinkedIn.

Pro tip: recently for my brother’s admission, I stalked all the meme pages of that college, checked open posts on the geotag and hashtags and read about famous alumni on Insta and FB. Stalking skills ko thoda productive way mei bhi use kar sakte hain.

Experiential Knowledge >>>>>


Seh lena thoda if mummy wants to connect you w your mama ke chacha ka beta who also works in the same field. Don’t hesitate and just talk to them. You never know what advice might hit you like golden words or lead you with some fresh unknown knowledge that they only got from their experience!

Also, reach out to your seniors and even faculties who you feel would be able to give you some gyaan about it all.

Sharmaana nahi hai.

Career Counselling


There is a lot of professional advice available now with max ease. Career counselling is one such thing where most of your queries can be sorted and you will be able to get invaluable insights that you didn’t even know existed about a particular career.

Plus the counselling process works without any prejudice and judgement, so a clear cut idea of how things might actually be in your career keeping your capabilities in mind and even financial factors can be looked into!



But personally, I think it can be an intimidating process for some people. Especially if you’re not good at social skills or have low self-esteem, etc. Trust me, it’s okay to embarrass yourself in front of a stranger than to waste three years doing something you don’t like.

There’s an app ICS Career GPS which is offering FREE career counselling in the month of September. I really think you should try it if you’re confused 🙂 You can find the link in bio.

I hope it brings a little clarity. 🙂