All you Potter-heads out there, ever wished for a chilled bottle for ButterBeer and chat with your friends over it? Now you can! And you can even get an ingredient list for the beverage too.


Just this week, Warner Bros. announced a treat-full release for all the Potter-heads out there as they now have a vegan Butterbeer for fans to get. These bottles allow you to enjoy the magical beverage within the comforts of your home and the drink costs Rs 559.38 for a 275ml bottle and Rs 1,217.47 4 x 200ml pack.

Butterbeer, a popular wizarding drink expressed as tasting ‘a little bit like less sickly butterscotch’. It was served at a variety of locations in the wizarding world and has a very slight alcoholic content. 

Instantly, mentally I am here right now: 


Over the years, Harry Potter fans have tried their own versions of Butterbeer, but unfortunately few of them had to go a certain distance for a chance to try the tasty treat, but now as they have launched the travel-friendly bottled Butterbeer, instead of travelling to the wizarding locations, these bottles help you enjoy the joy right from your home, isn’t that just great???


Wondering where you’d get it?

  • Warner Bros. has officially released it and is selling it and it is non- alcoholic based Butterbeer, you can get it online and in very few stores at the different Wizarding World locations, and the beverage is available in draught as well.
  • Also, various customized Starbucks at-home recipes allow potter heads to create their own Butterbeer.
  • However, online purchasing costs a pretty penny, this would be a nice chance to roll on for all the fans who have dreamt of having this.
  • Apparently, the bottled Butterbeer isn’t widely available yet but nevermind as I said it is being sold at Warner bros. making of Harry Potter Tour in London.

More about Bottled Butterbeer-

  • It is a caramel-flavored cream soda with a creamy sweet topping.
  • The beverage comes in an aesthetically crafted souvenir glass bottle with collectible labels designed by MinaLima i.e., it is a studio.
  • Mainly the design duo is also behind the graphic props of the Harry Potter and the films- ‘fantastic Beasts’.

Harry Potter actor Warwick Davis helped in the ceremony to unveil the new Butterbeer this Thursday. He also revealed a few of his best- loved things about the films and added to that a certain information about why the potions classroom set is still his treasured thing.

This has been pretty fascinating news for all the beloved Potter head fans I believe, but right now the drink is delivered only within the UK and can be available on sites like; ‘‘ or ‘

Thinking of a spell which can help me get it right away !!!