Bollywood hasn’t explored this genre much but bachpan mei we had our own favorites so here are some of our favorite Bollywood Sci-Fi films we all grew up watching!





I swear green and shitty graphics of the previous decade were the real hallucinogens for our generation. USA mein teenagers LSD lete hain. Hmare liye yahi nasha tha. Funny and clumsy, Funtoosh was in a class of its own.


Love Story 2050


Who isn’t fascinated with flying cars and robots and everything the future holds?? Love story 2050 was just a peek into the future that we had been imagining all this while. The visuals were one of the best at the time of its release and 10 years old me was electrified when I aw a talking teddy and an Al companion and how I wished I had that pen Priyanka used to write on air!!!


Mr India


This movie is like the Pandora’s box of modern pop culture. From the iconic dialogue “Mogambo Khush Hua” to ultra-iconic songs, this is one thing I have watched repeatedly over the years just to drown in nostalgia and happiness. I remember the days it was televised on Doordarshan on Sunday and my whole famil would be there to watch it. Then

“Kate Nahi Kat Te” song would play with Sridevi’s erotic dance moves and everybody would just get awkward in the room. Those were the days!




A sci-fi movies fused with a mythological origin story is more than we could have asked for. To top it off, Rudraksh, had a real dark theme that was both scary and charming to my younger self and now that I’m 20, I believe Bollywood needs to make more movies like this.

Action Replayy



was like the jam of the country. Action Replayy is our very own “Back to the future” and though both of their plots are almost identical, ours just has a wee bit more of masala that make Bollywood movies, well, Bollywood movies. The comic timing of Akshay Kumar is something to watch out for.

Ra One


I remember it was the most expensive Bollywood movie at the time it was made and I have no complaints. A plot about game characters coming into the real world, the protagonist and the antagonist being the ultra-cool actors they were, and two amazing songs by the most popular hip-hop artist at that time!

Still mad at how badly it bombed. It deserved better support Honestly for trying something different.


Koi mil Gaya


This was our first ever exposure to aliens that visited India. Usse pehle to sab USA jaate the, much like our IITians. This movie has given us A-class memes, our first ever superhero franchise(Krishh) and a memorable childhood.




Most recent of the lot and probably one of the best films to come out of Bollywood. A real unique plot and lovely screenplay, PK was like a meteor crashing onto prehistoric beliefs and religious bigotry and posing questions that were always present but never said aloud. Kudos to great acting & a complete entertaining package.


Tarzan: The wonder car

If you know, you know!