Kabhi Kabhi just like Aditi, we all need friends like these precious people in our life, so here is a list of Bollywood characters we’d honestly love to be friends with.

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Jai, who’d do literally the most elaborate shit like singing songs, dancing, cosplaying, getting you a pet, just to make you smile when you’re upset. Also, who wouldn’t want “Kabhi Kabhi saare jahan mei andhera hota hai, lekin raat ke baad hi toh savera hota hai” wale constant reminders?

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Baahadur, a friend who’s genuinely interested in listening to our endless stupid kahaniya about everything and nothing and never judge us for any of the shit. He’s like our safe space. Also, have you seen his wingman skills? we all deserve a baahadur.

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Circuit, cuz we all need a buddy bro who has your back no matter what. A friend who’s always there whether you need college notes, new TV shows or an asian dead body. Also, a friendly reminder of tension nahi lene ka bhai would be fkn great. Circuits are like your extended family.

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Aisha, to have a friend we can just go hug at 2 am without having any second thoughts, and cuz even do cup chai & a nice conversation feels like a party w them.

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MC Sher because don’t we all deserve a friend who believes in us even before we believe in ourselves. A friend who sees us for who we actually are and pushes us to become the best version of ourselves.

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Shashi, because we’re dumb af and we need a buddy mom to bestow some wisdom upon our thick skull. To help us guide through life & pick us up when we stumble. But most importantly, cuz she makes a+ ladoos.

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Anjali, because hello ji, we all need a friend who hypes us up by saying tussi toh bade maazaki ho, bade maazaki ho, when, in fact, we’re not. Our humour is mediocre and we have to try v hard to be funny. Oh and also because she has the most fun vibes ever and who wouldn’t want a friend like her?!

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Tara, to always call you out on your bullshit in a way it doesn’t feel like an attack, because it comes from a place of love and care. To remind you who you are and what you stand for!

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Barfi, to remind us to be a little silly and find happiness in the tiniest and the most mundane things in life that we take for granted.

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Which one of these cuties would you like to bring in your life and be buddies with ?