After the crazy Punjabi stereotype rant, we asked people from Bihar to share what are some of the stereotypes they are tired of hearing and we have got some of this Bihari stereotype rant for you from all the answers.



  • Yaar pehle toh ye btao what is this “you don’t exactly look like a Bihari” um what am I supposed to do, spit paan on your face to prove it? or take out a katta and start shooting aimlessly?? or dance on Lagelu Lipstick??? Nahi sir bta do aap kaise dikhte hai Bihari, aapko zyada pata hai. Lalu Yadav ki acting karke dikhau?! ya ruko, gamcha daalne do, phir baat karte hai.


  • “Aur bta, chat pooja kab kar rahe ho phir?”


  • “Tumlog ghamcha shoulder par latkake nhi chalet kya?”


  • Yaar please suno, It’s lowkey annoying when everybody keeps asking you “Litti Chokha toh khila de” when you don’t eat Litti Chokha yourself. Nahi khata hum roz litti chokha yaar, banta hai nahi mere ghar mei, it’s too much mehnat for maa. And it’s not every Bihari’s favorite dish ffs. We have so many other cuisines in Bihar, explore karke dekho, acha lagega.
  • “Everybody thinks Manoj Tiwari is somehow my relative..”


  • “If you excel in something, then you’re not a normal Bihari, you’re an exception. Wow. very nice, humans.”


  • “Omgg do you have malls in Bihar?”


  • “Yaar Bihari mein koi line bol ke sunaa naaaa!” FOR ONE LAST TIME, BIHARI IS NOT A LANGUAGE. Bhojpuri, Maithili & Magahi are the languages spoken in Bihar. And don’t know who needs to hear this, but Jharkhand is a different state, it’s not in Bihar. And surprisingly, Bihar is not in UP :)))


  • “Omg you get to wear all kinds of dresses being from Bihar?” *Pikachu surprise face*”, kyun behen, Bihar wale dress nahi pehen sakte kya? hum gaon se hai kya? contrary to what Bollywood has y’all believe, we’re not living in 1970’s. Js.


  • “Arrey Paan nahi khaa rahe aaj tum??”
  • “Tumhare ghar pe toh electricity aati nahi hogi, raat ko kaise maths karte ho?”


  • “katta jante ho? rakha hoga ghar pe. Gusse mei maar waar mat dena yaar hahhahahaha lolz”


  • One thing that always riles me up is when people say shit like “Tum Bihar se ho? tumhara toh UPSC aaram se clear ho hi jaayega” Arey bhai, hum UPSC ki coaching leke paida nahi hote. And NOT every Bihari’s only goal in life is to crack UPSC exam. Also, hum sab Maths mei acche nahi hote, Laxman 🙁


  • “Tu Bihari hoke gori kaise hai?”


  • “Tumne kitni kidnappings dekhi hai aajtak?”


  • “People across the country literally think we have three career options. Either IAS Officer or a Rikshawala or a gangster! There’s no in between.”
  • “Tu toh Bihar se hai na, why do you say Mai instead of Hum heheheheheheheheheheehe”


  • “Recently, a guy on Bumble said to me ‘I didn’t know Bihar mei bhi log dating app use karte hai’ and I honestly wanted to break his face”


  • “Yaar katta chalana sikha de bro, tujhe toh aata hi hoga na”