Bitcoin has been making the news for quite a while now. Originated in 2009, the Cryptocurrency has the world going into a frenzy. Ever since the Bitcoin made news, many other Cryptocurrencies have now emerged in the internet sphere. They operate in a manner similar to that of Bitcoin, but few things are different.


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Many people think that the right time to buy the Bitcoins has passed. However, it’s not too late to invest in other Cryptocurrencies. Here we look at 6 best & high performing Cryptocurrencies you can invest in 2018 if you still want to hop onto crypto train.

1. Ripple (XRP)

About Ripple: This Cryptocurrency works on its own algorithm called the Ripple Transaction Protocol. One of the main advantages of buying Ripple is that it allows cross Cryptocurrency buying. So you can buy Ripple and then buy any other virtual currency and pay for it by Ripple. Many people call Ripple Bitcoin’s main competitor. It is truly so as the market share of Ripple is second, behind Bitcoin.



Current Price- 166 INR.
Expected Price- Will reach the value of 300 INR by August.


2. Ethereum (ETH)

About Ethereum: The value of this Cryptocurrency shot up by 2700% since May 2016. Like Bitcoin, it is also a Blockchain- based algorithm. This Cryptocurrency went live in 2015. 2018 saw the value of Ethereum jump over 900 USD ( 57000+ INR). Ethereum is the fastest growing Cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Also, it demonstrated fastest growth rate among other Cryptocurrencies (including Bitcoin).


Current Price- 57000 INR.
Expected price- Will reach 1 Lakh INR by the end of 2018.

3. Stellar (XLM)

About Stellar: The hottest currency in cryptoworld right now. Stellar works on blockchain technology but its transaction settles in 2 to 5 seconds unlike in case of Bitcoin. IBM is using Stellar’s network to develop a cross-border payments system with some large banks. The price of Stellar has gone 64% up in just last 4 days of the new year. It is also now has 8th highest market cap.


Current Price- 58.7859 INR.
Expected Price- 3000 INR by August

4. Litecoin (LTC)

About Litecoin: Also known as LTC, this Cryptocurrency was inspired by Bitcoin. Also, its working is and technical details are also similar to that of Bitcoin. This virtual currency came alive in 2011 and was developed by a former Google employee. Unlike the Bitcoin, it uses a different hashing algorithm called Scrypt. The transaction time of Litecoins is much faster than that of Bitcoin ( it takes 2.5 minutes for Litecoins while Bitcoins take 10 minutes)


Current Price- 17400 INR. 
Expected price- Will reach 60000 INR by the end of 2020.

5. IOTA.

About IOTA: This virtual currency works on directed acyclic graph. This process is similar to Blockchain algorithm. IOTA came into existence in 2015. Many major companies like Microsoft, Fujitsu, and Bosch are IOTA’s participating members. Currently, there is $9 Billion worth of IOTA currency in the market. However, the transactions made without using the IOTA client- called the coordinator are considered not so secure.


Current Price- 267 INR.
Expected Price- Will reach the value of 1000 INR by the end of 2019.

6. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

This Cryptocurrency is a sub-branch of the Bitcoin, from which it split on August 1, 2017. One of the main things about Bitcoin Cash is that the people who owned Bitcoin in August 2017, got the same amount of Bitcoin cash free when the virtual currency split from its parent. The main difference between the two virtual currencies is that more Bitcoin Cash supports 1 million transactions daily as compared to Bitcoin which can only support 1/4th of those transactions daily.



Current Price- 1.77 Lakh INR
Expected Price- Will reach the value of 5 Lakh INR by the end of 2018.


Most cryptocurrencies are available at low costs as compared to Bitcoin. However, most of the above-mentioned Cryptocurrencies (except Bitcoin Cash) require patience when investing. As a wise man once said, “HODL!”