Baba Ramdev is our very own Kim Kardashian.


From ‘Wanting to behead the ones who don’t chant Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ to ‘Popularizing the Yoga culture in India and rest of the world’, Baba Ramdev has never ceased to be the trending topic in India, but this time it’s surprisingly not because of any stupid remark against homosexuality but this time, it’s because of India Today’s weekly magazine cover photo which features Baba Ramdev in a wee bit awkward pose. The image shows Baba Ramdev doing a frontal (or backward?) bend, and do- you know, just see the photo, it’s super hard to explain this weird pose.


baba ramdev cover photoshop


This week’s newsfeed has been filled with Sultan, Pokemon Go, Sultan and Pokemon Go, but last night, it finally turned around after the magazine tweeted the cover photo, and as you might expect, the whole internet went bananas.


Epic Photoshop Fails:


‘Cause I am batman…. literally

baba ramdev cover photoshop



New Patanjali Slingshots

baba ramdev photoshop cover


Angry Ramdevs after someone refuses to say Bharat Mata Ki Jai

baba ramdev cover photoshop



The New Victory Sign
baba ramdev cover photoshop




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