From getting anything to everything trending on social media, the power is quite more than often used for goodwill and this heartwarming story of Baba Ka Dhaba shows how people can come together to make a change.

Source: youtubeswadofficial/

Gaurav Wasan ( youtubeswadofficial ) shared a video on Instagram showing the heartbreaking story about a “80 year old couple selling best matar paneer”, struggling to earn basic income because of the pandemic. The couple can be seen crying in the video as they seek help.


In the video the “80-year-old Kanta Prasad shared that he and his wife Badami Devi start cooking at 6.30 am and are ready with the day’s meal by 9.30 am. Dal, curry, parathas and rice were kept in large dishes, ready to serve for around ₹ 30-50 a plate.” 

This video soon caught the attention of social media and went viral having more than 7 million views, people decided to visit the Dhaba situated in Malviya Nagar, Delhi to help out the couple.


And the scene at the dhaba just changed from heartbreaking to heartwarming overnight.

As the #BABAKADHABA trends on twitter and other social media platforms helping out the couple in need, just this one dialogue from a movie has our heart.