Author: Shivika Singh

It’s true that your parlour vaali didi knows more about your life than you, but time and again we find ourself getting stuck in some very awkward situations with Pinky didi.

“Itna tan hai didi, nahate nahi ho kya, hahaha”

Arre, matlab, parlour waali didi ho ya mummy? Yeh kese o taane hai? ;-;


“Arre, last time kisse threading karayi thi, poore uneven hai eyebrows”

me in my head: AAPSE -.-

Sabse awkward is when you display how low your pain threshold is and the parlour didi looks at you like “bitch, I’m already really mad at the janitor, jaldi apna natak band kar warna aadha eyebrow shave out kardungi”


“Ayeee haye, itne baal, hahaha, poora jungle hai yeh toh.”

Umm, whut? Paise do and upar se judgment bhi suno. This is the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals, Pinki Didi. (Wait for me after winters, aap shock hi hojaoge)

I don’t know if this happens to everybody, but how do you tell your Pinky didi to slow down the face massage because clean up ke samay cream naak ke andar jaa rahi hai & you can’t breathe or is it just me????? ok


And by god when didi is after your life to get the expensive “Karwachauth Combo” with Rica wax, clean-up and haircut and you’re just sitting there missing your mummy who is socially confident enough to say a hard NO in pressure situations

And friends, the moment when you’re in an aerobics pose getting yourself waxed and some random pinky didi’s friends from the parlour walks in and out and you’re like? Frat party hai kya? Koi bhi kahi se bhi aaya chala jaa raha hai.


NOT TO FORGET, when two parlour didis bitch about the same parlour in front of you thinking you’re deaf and you just cry internally, thinking, galat decision le liya, Netflix hi dekh lena chahiye tha.

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And the winner of the most awkward situation-

“Didi, Bikini wax karalo boyfriend khush ho jaega.”

First of all, kaunsa boyfriend? kaisa boyfriend? kahan ka boyfriend? matlab didi, mai kaafi single hu. And aap toh jale pe namak chidhak rahi ho. 🙂

Mujhe bas shaanti se waxing ghar jaana hai didi pleasee!