Stop! stop whatever you are doing, because Marvel Studios just dropped the full official trailer for Avengers: End Game featuring the latest edition to the league of mightiest superheroes – Captain Marvel, and not gonna lie, it will make you want to scream YASSSSSSS at the top of your friggin’ lungs and then maybe make you want to cry a little (a lot) because it’s all ending next month, shiiiiiiiiit.

Watch it here, watch the trailer for Avengers: End Game and hype it up!

Thanos better be watching his back because the remaining members of Avengers are bringing the retaliation to his doorsteps. Be scared, Thanos. Be very scared. Also, can we talk about that Captain Marvel scene with Thor? because as he said – I like this one.

Trailer has everyone on the internet hyped up. Here, look at some of the funniest reactions that are going viral.









Directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, witness the culmination of the last decade of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – Avengers: End Game next month. CANNOT. WAIT.