Meet The Authors

Noor Gill

sabki mummy

she likes scolding everyone into being kind humans. a doctor saab who also loves writing!

Jaisleen Kaur

coolest journalist

she's a teacher, a journalist, but most importantly, a regular girl w too much gyaan to give!!

Aman Krishan

anime enthusiast

When he's not watching anime, he likes to write opinion articles & thought pieces!

Shivika Singh

wholesome human

She's a unicorn disguised as human. Loves to spread wholesome vibes through her words!

Hargun Sabharwal

pop culture queen

She lives on Movies, Books, Music, TV shows... sabki recommendations degi re teri Faijal!

Inchara Kakaraparthi

doggo lover

She's always working to bring you the most trending and important news everyday!

Harshit Joshi

everything music

Nothing much, just here to make you all keep updating your music playlists!

Riddhima Wali

Here to give y'all feels

Loves writing open letters and essays. Her words will make you feel all the feels 10/10.

Subha Chugh

funniest human

Future lawyer & hopefully the next big content creator. Humor & relatable content is her thing!

Abhyudaya Chhabra

ceo @ memes

Memes mei content ya content mei memes? he's also trying to figure out for now.

Parmeet Singh

tomato ketchup hater

He just really, really, hates tomato ketchup. But loves creating the most relatable content here!

Harsimar Singh

nostalgia merchant

Loves to write about movies and books. But most importantly, serves nostalgia on a plate.