Movie Review & Reaction: Battle Royal of Bollywood 2016


It’s time for one of the biggest Bollywood clash of 2016: Hritik Roshan‘s ‘Mohenjo Daro‘ vs Akshay Kumar‘s ‘Rustom‘. With Independence Day coming up, we have a long weekend ahead in India, which means only one thing, yes, that’s right, we’re all going to watch either of those movies this weekend (Unless you’re filthy rich, of course, then you’ll shamelessly watch both of them).

And so we are here to help you make the most efficient decision based entirely on audience reviews & reactions, which are, by the way, not paid to review unlike y’know.. *coughs* critics *coughs*


Mohenjo Daro

Mohenjo Daro movie review and reaction twitter


At Stake: Hritik Roshan is making a come-back after after two years and his last movie Bang Bang was above-average on the box-office scale. He hasn’t been able to pull of a great movie since Krrish 3. (I still don’t understand why it’s 3, should be 2)

Storyline in a nutshell: Set in the time of Indus Valley Civilization. 2016 BC, to be precise. Story follows a farmer who travels to the city of Mohenjo Daro and falls in love with a high-status women and somehow saves their civilization against all odds.


Reviews & Reaction

Based entirely on reaction of people on Twitter, given that people have tendency to jump on hate bandwagons, I’d say, it’s only a looooong & average movie with great visuals. If you have extra money in your pocket, go watch it in the theaters, or better, give me the money I’m broke pls





Rustom movie review reaction twittersource: @Chichorapan

At Stake: Akshay Kumar has been continuously delivering great movies, but has been criticized of making movies like Houseful 3 every once in a while. He needs to keep his great movie streak up, especially after his magic in Airlift.

Storyline in a nutshell: “Rustom is a naval officer who married Cynthia against his father’s wishes. When Rustom was away on a trip, Cynthia and Vikram come close and have an affair. Rustom returns and is furious to find out about the affair. He confronts Vikram, who is killed in an ensuing scuffle. Rustom is tried for murder in court, with defence and prosecution lawyers fighting it out.


Reviews & Reaction


Based entirely on reaction of the audience, it’s mostly liked by the audience because of the retro thrilling genre, but still facing criticism for being long. Though he hasn’t hit the Airlift mark, but it’s still a good watch.




The Battle


Mohenjo Daro started off great with better collection but now Rustom is leading it because of better reaction & reviews by the twitter audience. So if you’re from a middle class family like me and can only watch one movie, if I were you, I’d go watch Rustom. Lesser the trolls, better the movie.

Hence, Rustom wins the movie review battle.