Don’t know about his film choices lately, but Shahrukh Khan is definitely killin’ it on Twitter with his #AskSrk sessions. He hosted another one today after a very, very long time, but the answers were absolutely lit, just as you’d expect from the king of wit and humor. Except for the self-deprecating jokes on his movies and the wholesome replies to the fans, he also talked about his upcoming film, his kids, his thoughts on Joker and more random information I don’t mind knowing tbh.

If you missed the Ask SRK Session, it’s alright, we got the best replies curated for you right here.

1. I laughed too hard, ngl.

2. “Mai khud Bollywood hoon.” – Srk, 2k19

3. But I thought pyaar dosti hai?!?!???!?

4. His thoughts on Joker.

5. pls be good, pls be good, pl-

6. LOL

7. Been hearing this since Dhoom 2

8. Oops.

9. This is beautiful.

10. Why I love him!


12. Um where do I get self confidence like this pls help

13. Same, buddy, same.

That’s all from the #AskSRK session but, man, where do I sign the petition to bring back Shahrukh Khan films that are nearly as good as his films in the early and late 2000’s?