No ! No ! he’s not on a vacation. But yes we still see him every year atop his roof waving to endless hordes of fans wishing him, “Happy Birthday”

Yes, he is still the immense ball of talent and charisma that we know but I can’t help feeling like these past years we haven’t seen him doing what we are used to: sweeping us off our feet.


I mean, don’t get me wrong, if I were to fill a slam book, I would STILL write Shah Rukh Khan under my favorite actor after all this time. But that love doesn’t come from what I’ve been watching since YEARS on the big screen, it comes from my memories of growing up and falling in love with movies for the first time!



Bachpan mein, when a guy tried to be oversmart or overestimate himself, the staple response was,

“Han tu bada aaya Shahrukh Khan ban’ne waala.”

Such is the legacy of the man, whose name is almost synonymous to the word “Hero”. And this legacy is not a farce.


SRK has been in the industry for almost 28 years. I think I started off with Baazigar where he played a negative role, and quite convincingly too. And then DDLJ just blew me off like, what???!!

This is the guy with murderous intent in His eyes from his last film, and he’s standing in a mustard field with his arms e stretched wide and the rest is history. There is versatility and then, there is Shah Rukh Khan.


Can’t help this fact that most of his popular roles were in romantic movies. Like Rahul from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is like an incarnation of romance. Movies like Swades and Chak de India were trendsetters in an industry where nobody wanted to break the cycle of masala romance movies. And we loved SRK for this kind of versatility and his choice of movies.

We loved the characters, we loved the plot, we loved the movies and above all, we loved him.


It’s been years since I’ve had that feeling. YK, the feeling of waiting for months for his new release and booking first day shows for the same and feeling the King Khan presence on the screen!

That feeling is missing.

There’s not much chatter about his last few films because honestly they were disappointing or at least not as per the calibre we’ve seen from his previous works.


The legacy that movies like Swades, Devdas, My name is Khan and many more from the past decade have created are untouched by recent titles like Raees or When Harry Met Sejal. I know some people would disagree saying that the recent ones aren’t that bad, which makes me think are we really missing the movies of old or just missing the kind of people we used to be when we were kids?? Hopeful and unstained!


I’m bothered when people say SRK is not what he used to be and that his era is over. As fans, we know better. We know he still is the same charming and brilliant actor we’ve seen in action for years and maybe there will be a comeback. But I can’t help this feeling and as I sit here watching Jab Harry Met Sejal for the second time trying to find pieces of my favourite actor, I can’t find any. As of now, I miss SRK.

More so….